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NHL Suspends Tyler Myers For 3 Games

The NHL has officially ruled on the gentle giants head hit from the Buffalo Sabres win over the New Jersey Devils and it’s not good news. The NHL has handed the Buffalo Sabres defenceman Tyler Myers a three-game suspension for his hit to the head of Dainius Zubrus.

Tyler Myers had a phone hearing for the hit this afternoon and the NHL decided the hit was worthy of three games.


Once again here’s the gif of the hit where Myers did leave the ice to hit Zubrus.

GIF: 6-foot-8 Sabres defenseman Tyler Myers delivered an ille... on Twitpic

Whether Myers was penalized for his 6 foo 8 size and frame or not, this is the type of hit the NHL is trying to get rid of in this day in the NHL. Aside from the fact Myers left the ice and appears to have lunged upwards, I don’t see too much wrong with this body check. Zubrus had his head down, don’t want to get hit keep your head up!

Tyler Myers is a repeat offender and just when Myers begins to play physical he gets himself in trouble, seems he and the Sabres just cant catch a break with Brendan Shanahan. Tyler Myers will be eligible to return to action January 12th when the Sabres face off against the Washington Capitals.

The three games for Tyler Myers is what most expected; He lunged upwards, left the ice and hit the head of his opponent.

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  • Ben Chalker

    Who takes his place, Zadorov or Risto…?

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I believe it would be Risto as Zadorov is in the OHL

    • Jes

      Zadorov is in the O. Plus the Sabres don’t want to burn the first year of his contract.

      Ristolainen or Ruhwedel will be coming up IMO.

  • Vic Soga

    Myers will not hit another player and opposing teams will know that. He was getting more aggressive and that was great. Not anymore.
    I saw Shanahan wear a Leafs jacket on NYE in Ann Arbor? Is he related to Lupul or is Colin Campbell?

    • Caitlin Campbell

      That’s exactly what I’m worried about- this hit will screw with is game

  • Dano

    *IF* Myers would have left the ice, he would have had a stiffer suspension as additional rules would apply. Several NHL Dept. of Player Safety videos specifically point out players leaving the ice surface. He *did* extend upwards and drove his shoulder through his check. Leverage works.

    I believe ( just like in the Scott incident ) its a bullshit suspension. In both instances the full onus of incident was placed on the individual checking the possessor. If the possessor has their head down ( as is the case with both ) , they are fair game. Its a shared responsibility.

    If one player doesnt do their part in protecting themselves ( by watching whats coming ), it is NOT the full responsibility of the other player to do what they can.

    Myers finally started playing physical. Now? Hes going to question everything and will probably play a european stick/poke checking game.

    Shanaban has been absolutely terrible on a LOT of calls this season. Theres been over a million dollars in salary and 100 games missed thus far and the season in only half way over.

    With all the rule changes and even moving to the hybrid icing, the number of injuries has actually increased overall.

    • Dano

      30 players have been suspended and 6 fined totaling 111 games missed and $1,489,276 lost salary.

      • Caitlin Campbell

        Wow thanks for that Stat dano

  • Thomas Eric

    The nhl is suspension happy

    • Jes

      For everyone minus the original six.

  • Joe

    These kinds of suspensions just show players they can skate with their heads down and not pay the price

    • Caitlin Campbell

      It’s a sad NHL world where players can get way with their heads down sir