Sabre Noise Podcast #8: Back in the Groove

Afternoon, Sabre Noise readers!sabrenoise logo

It’s been awhile since I had time to sit down in front of a microphone and record a new installment of the Sabre Noise podcast.  At long last, the wait is over, as I have made it a priority to set aside a chunk of time once a week in order to get these babies in your hands!

These podcasts were something I dreamed up during the offseason, so they are my babies, which makes my inability to crank them out in 2013 all sorts of frustrating.  They may not be the most popular part of the site, but they do provide you with a different experience, and variety is the spice of life, so they say.   My goal is to get other Sabre Noise writers to contribute, which ought to be informative as well as entertaining, given the various personalities we have here on this site!

This week’s podcast preview the Sabres’ current slate of games, discusses the Tyler Myers suspension, and addresses the topic of Ryan Miller and the course of action I believe the Sabres absolutely need to take, soon.

Enough from me – I’ve typed enough!  Enjoy the listen, and let me know how I can do better the next time!


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  • JHizzle75

    That was pretty good, Rich! Didn’t agree with all the trade Miller talk but if you read my posts you know where I stand on that issue. Oh…by the way… tell that 13 year old girl who narrated your podcast to talk a little faster…she could have read that for you in 10 minutes if she didn’t pause so much! Ha Ha Ha !
    Just kidding, Rich!

    • Richard Spalding

      Ho ho – a comedian are we? lol I’m a bit of a fast talker when I teach and such, so I deliberately try to reign it in a bit, and since I hate to hear Ums and crap like that, I have been trained to let silence be silence, you big meanie! Ha ha! Seriously, I hate to see Miller go, but I don’t envision a scenario in which he stays, so it’s best to get something in return for him than allow him to walk away for nothing. Thanks for the listen!