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Report: Tim Murray Will Be the Next GM of the Buffalo Sabres

It appears Pat LaFontaine‘s search for the next Buffalo Sabres general manager has finally come to an end as his man is set to meet with Terry Pegula this week. As we’ve been reporting for you all week, Tim Murray will likely be named the next GM of the Buffalo Sabres.


Other finalists for the job included Jim Benning, Mike Futa and Brad Treliving, all of whom were informed they were out of the

running for the Sabres GM job. Benning’s window to talk with the Buffalo Sabres had expired which forced the Sabres to wait for him, something LaFontaine did not want to do with the trade deadline coming quick. As a result, pending contract negotiations Tim Murray will be the next Buffalo Sabres GM.

Terry Pegula and Tim Murray will begin contract talks today in hopes of reaching a suitable contract for both parties. Tim Murray is currently the assistant GM of the Ottawa Senators and the nephew of Bryan Murray the GM of the Senators. Tim has had the benefit of learning the game from a great hockey mind and was responsible for rebuilding the Binghamton Senators and leading them to a Calder Championship in 2011.


For the most part there isn’t much known about Murray. He likes to use the draft and has been known to go after more European players which has had success in Erik Karlsson but he doesn’t have that Stanley Cup which LaFontaine was looking for. The good news is a lot of Ottawa Senators fans are upset to be losing their assistant GM who is a great hockey mind.

While we don’t know much about Tim Murray, there is always this; And before you ask, yes there is already a parody account.


Aside from the small issue of negotiating a contract- seriously Terry Pegula has more than enough money to throw as little or as much as he wants on Murray, It appears Tim Murray will become the next Buffalo Sabres GM. While nothing is set in stone the Buffalo Sabres have officially begun negotiating with Tim Murray.

What are your thoughts on the possibility of Tim Murray being named the next GM?

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  • Dano

    “For the most part there isn’t much known about Murray. He likes to use the draft and has been known to go after more European players.. ”

    Do you have a link to that CC?

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Sorry Dano I didn’t have a link for that it was just going off of his time spent in Ottaw when they draft Karlsson and Zibenijad and a few other European players as of late. He is definitely a guy with a solid hockey IQ and he knows how draft well- not as well as Benning from what I’ve heard- but he can get the job done

      • Dano

        Im not so much worried about how or whom he drafts. Im wondering which direction he will take the Sabres.

        If he dresses an ice-capades team like Marios Crew ( Pens ), or like the Eurowings.. He wont go over well in Buffalo.

        What concerns me the most is how will he put the Organization back together. THAT is the problem more then any of the present players or whom/what will be drafted. Theres no real foundation right now. The one thats there is just abysmal.

        I dont think any of the people that are/were Assistant GM’s have ever carried the full workload of a GM. Have they ever had to build a whole Organization before? Thats the one thing Burke has going for him. Hes done it 2 or 3 times where the others havent.

  • Joe

    Ill reserve my judgement till i see wat he does at the deadline

    • Jes

      Same here Big Joe. I’m hoping he turns out to be a Darcy type of trader just fleeces teams.

      • Caitlin Campbell

        that would certainly help the Sabres going forward- we need to get the most bang for our buck

    • Caitlin Campbell

      The deadline will be his first test and where a lot of fans get a read on him

    • ende

      It’s not like we’re going to be bringing in players during the deadline. The only activity one should expect is some shuffling of picks/prospects, and possibly a conclusion to Miller’s fate. We also have to reach the cap floor, so it’s quite possible we take on some cap.

  • lee Munn

    Good story. I’ve been reeding more on him, but ’til it happens I will still be hoping for Benning.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I am still hoping for Benning as well

  • Jes

    I still cannot believe Lafontaine let a guy like Benning slip through his fingers. Bravo Mr. Lafontaine Bravo.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I can’t believe he didn’t go after Botterill. Botterill and Bennng were my top 1. Could come back to bite the Sabres but we wont know for a few years

      • Kevin

        All we need is someone who is not afraid to pull the trigger and is decent at it, and has an eye for talent. That could be any of them. The bottom line comes down to how fast will they be able to build the team. I was hoping for a more experienced person that has been a GM, However, the trend seems to be going towards hiring top notch assistants, just like in coaching. Myself I know squat about the guy, but if things go forward at a faster more productive pace, then I’m all for the guy.

        • Caitlin Campbell

          fair enough- The big test will be the trade deadline and what he does there.

          • Kevin

            I agree, I hope we all can hold out until March 5th though, or will the fans demand some action sooner than that?

          • Caitlin Campbell

            I imagine fans will want quicker results- although I’m contempt waiting till the deadline

          • Dano

            Im not looking for instant results so to say. Im just wondering how long its going to take to get a functioning team on the ice. What they have right now is somewhat respectable ( none of us have made it to the NHL that I know of ;) ) but its not the calibre team that SHOULD be out there.

          • Jes

            Some fans are here and there but majority wants results now. But we won’t start winning at a playoff level for at least two years. If the next 2 drafts go as planned and with a little free agent help we will be in the playoffs within the next two seasons.

  • Paul Schott

    I’m ok witht he hire, as I think everyone involved has their strengths and weaknesses. The one thing to remember in Ottawa is the hancuff’s they have on as a result of their financial status…so maybe they could have been more active and therefore had more activity to check. And I applaude Patty for taking the time and conducting an apparently thorough evaluation … like I said, I was 50/50 on Nenning as i like what they did in Boston to build their current team, but don’t like all the draft picks Benning made for the Sabres back then…the old core was/is too soft. So, let’s see what Mt Murray can do…it is getting late and he hasn’t made a deal yet…I hope he isn’t like Darcy and over-values his own players to much