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Buffalo Sabres vs Florida Panthers: Reactions

In a game full of weirdness, the Buffalo Sabres lost to the Florida Panthers in a shootout, 2-1.

Remember former Sabre Brad Boyes? If you forgot about him, you sure remembered him tonight. Not only did Boyes scored the game tying goal in the 3rd, but he also notched the shootout winner. He also scored a goal that was disallowed for mysterious reasons.

The only good thing that the Sabres had going for them in this game was Jhonas Enroth, who stopped 34 of 35 shots. Enroth also benefitted from his goalposts, as the Panthers hit what seemed like a half-dozen pipes. Unfortunately, the Sabres have only scored 7 goals in Enroth’s last 8 starts – so, anyone hating on Jhonas due to his win-loss record needs to look a little deeper.

As for the rest of the Sabres, this was a pathetic performance, considering that they had a day off on Tuesday, had not played a game since Saturday, and were playing their first game in front of newly minted Sabres GM Tim Murray. Not to mention the fact that Buffalo was playing one of the worst teams in the NHL…add it all up, and you would think the team would have put forth a better effort.

The team was listless all game. There was very little puck pursuit or energy. Players held on to the puck when they should have been shooting. With the Sabres missing players such as Drew Stafford, Ville Leino, Tyler Myers, and Henrik Tallinder, you would think a player or two would seize the opportunity to prove that they belong in the NHL (hint hint Linus Omark, Johan Larsson, Brayden McNabb, Brian Flynn, Matt D’Agostini and Alex Sulzer).

But hey, the Sabres somehow managed to earn a point. Take that however you want. Personally, I would like to see the team get as high of a draft pick as possible while Patty LaLa, Craig Patrick, and Tim Murray figure out the future of the team.

Lastly, the NHL’s vendetta against John Scott needs to stop. Yes, he is the toughest guy in hockey (sorry Milbury, it isn’t Scott Thornton), but it does not mean that he needs to be unnecessarily policed. Getting a 10 game ban for a first offense, getting ghost penalties, getting tossed from the end of games because there MIGHT be a fight…This has become beyond ridiculous. Scott is, what, 80th in the league in fighting majors? Just stop it.

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  • Dano

    “Lastly, the NHL’s vendetta against John Scott needs to stop. Yes, he is the toughest guy in hockey (sorry Milbury, it isn’t Scott Thornton)”

    Umm.. Brian McGratton is the supposed toughest guy in the NHL presently. Shawn Thorton is.. well.. Done.

    D’Agostini showed a brilliant flash of acceleration.. once. I didnt think he could skate that fast.

    I will agree with the calls against Scott though. He was called for unsportsman like conduct for throwing the puck in the net. After the play was dead and people are trash talking.. he was getting off the ice after being ( more or less ) pushed down from behind..

    Linus actually moved the puck pretty well in the offensive zone a few times.

    Was a good game though.

    • davidmuscalo

      The powers that be in the NHL are not going to let up Sabres’ players. Look at what the did with Myers; he should not have even been suspended. They have virtually banned Kaleta from playing in the NHL, and, now that they don’t have him to kick around, they are going after Scott.

  • Jes

    From TSN…

    The Sabres squandered a 1-0 lead and wasted a strong performance from Enroth, who was named to the Swedish Olympic team on Tuesday.

    “I wanted to go out there and show everybody that I earned it,” Enroth said.

    Enroth is 1-9-3 this season, but the Sabres have scored just 17 goals in his starts and been shut out thrice. He couldn’t explain the lack of goal support.

    “I’m running out of answers on those questions,” Enroth said.

    No wonder the guy has 1 win this season. 1.30 GF average with him in net. WOW!!

    Nice article Andrew. You are right, Scott should not be punished for being the toughest guy in hockey. And he is the toughest guy in hockey.

  • davidmuscalo

    I had a premonition that the Sabres would lose this game when I read that Enroth would be in goal. I am not knocking Enroth per sec, but the Sabres just don’t play as well as they can when he is in the net. Enroth is a good goalie, but not a great goalie. He would not be a starter on other team in the NHL and will likely continue to be a backup wherever he goes. I do hope the Sabres trade him and sign Miller. The rebuild needs Miller more than any other player on the team. You just can’t replace that kind of talent. Any GM with half a wit knows that.

    As for the rest of the current team, there just isn’t a lot talent there and there is not a lot of help coming from Rochester for at least one, and likely two seasons. Last night’s game demonstrated how little talent there is on the team; they played a bottom feeder and made them look like last year’s Stanley Cup champions.

    If I am Murray, I start wheeling and dealing very soon.

    • JHizzle75

      I agree 100%. Even last night Enroth got saved by the post multiple times, it could have been a lop-sided game. Enroth is a good goalie, don’t get me wrong, he just isn’t Ryan Miller.