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Report: Ted Nolan To Have Interim Tag Removed

With a brand new general manager apparently comes a new full-time head coach as Tim Murray doesn’t plan on wasting anytime nailing his head coach. Today Murray told the media that he has plans to remove to interim tag from Ted Nolan‘s job description making him the official head coach of the Buffalo Sabres.

“Today it is …yes, the interim tag is still on, but we probably will do something for him there that it won’t be on him for long.” ~ Tim Murray when asked about Nolan

“No he doesn’t have to audition, He’s our coach”

Yesterday Murray said that “Teddy was his guy for now” and today it seems like for now means for the foreseeable future. Since Nolan took over for Rolston, the Buffalo Sabres have gone 8-11-4 and have gone from the joke of the league to a respectable 30th ranked NHL

team. Sure the playoffs are no where on the horizon but the future of the Buffalo Sabres has certainly turned around since Nolan took over.

Murray will have a long list of things he needs to accomplish in the near future and now he can cross a full-time head coach off his list as it seems like Ted Nolan will be sticking behind the Sabres bench. If Nolan does have the interim tag dropped this will be his second kick at the can being the Buffalo Sabres head coach and will help complete his NHL comeback.

With the front office and the coaching staff seemingly in place the Sabres and their new GM can now turn their focus to making the actual team on the ice better and deciding upon the futures of Ryan Miller, Steve Ott and Matt Moulson.

It seems like Ted Nolan will be sticking around until at least the end of this season and likely through the rebuild. One has to think that one of the conditions for a new GM was to keep Pat LaFontaine‘s head coach and Murray seems to be obliging.

What do you think about Ted Nolan sticking around with the Buffalo Sabres?

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