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Poll: Where Should Mikhail Grigorenko Be Playing?

Mikhail Grigorenko returned to Buffalo after winning bronze at the World Junior Championships alongside Nikita Zadorov for Russia with high hopes of sticking around. But as of today Mikhail Grigorenko joins Nikita Zadorov in the junior leagues. Zadorov of course is playing in the OHL for the London Knights while Grigorenko will be returned to Quebec Remparts in the QMJHL.

The Buffalo Sabres had two options for their young Russian; either play him somewhere in the line-up- preferably a top 2 line or send

him back to play with the Quebec Remparts in the QMJHL. Clearly they chose the easiest route by sending him away once again. It’s a tough situation for both player and team with Grigorenko needing some seasoning in the AHL before full-time action in the NHL, but he is forbidden from the AHL due to age.

Even with a new GM in town, Grigorenko still drew the short straw as Ted Nolan refuses to play him and other rookies this season while the Sabres pursue the first overall pick.

The likelihood of Grigorenko getting good quality ice time with the Sabres this season has been pretty slim from the beginning and there is always the argument he hasn’t earned it. Right now the best and safest place for Grigorenko seems to be the QMJHL, while Mikhail may not like it it’s probably the best option.


While Grigorenko was solid at the World Juniors he wasn’t as dominate as one may have hoped. He produced at a point/goal per game rate but didn’t show consistency or the type of dominance a player in his 3rd World Junior tournament should be showing. Let alone a player ready for the NHL. If he can’t dominate and lead team Russia at the World Juniors what says he can be a contributor to the Sabres this season?

Has Mikhail Grigorenko been given a fair ride by the Buffalo Sabres since being drafted, no not all. One could say the organization has completely mismanaged the kid. By once again sending him back to the QMJHL the Buffalo Sabres have burned a 2nd year off his entry level contract and after next season Grigorenko will become a RFA. With the KHL calling who says he’ll stay?

The Buffalo Sabres made the decision to send Grigorenko back to Quebec but was that the right one? Where do you believe Mikhail Grigorenko should be playing right now; with the Sabres or in Quebec where he is currently heading?

* Please note the AHL was not option because the Sabres can’t send him there right now and giving you that option would be a copout*

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  • Thomas Eric

    They’ve been giving the kid the shaft since day one

    • Jes

      Agreed!!! Absolutely horrible treatment of a player this young and talented. Sadly we will be losing him to the KHL or another NHL team. Bravo Darcy, Nolan, Ruff and Rolston!!!!

      • davidmuscalo

        The KHL is where he actually belongs.

  • wolfdoctor

    Anthony Mantha is averaging 2.2 ppg to lead the QMJHL in that category. Grigorenko should make it his goal to do better than this. If he scores at less than 1.5 ppg, then IMO he isn’t competing as hard as he should be.

    • wolfdoctor

      LOL. Ignore my comment above.

  • Caitlin Campbell

    *News Flash* Grigorenko has refused to report to the Remparts…

    • JHizzle75

      Refused? So what options do the Sabres have now? It’s not like Murray can put a gun to his head or something… Lol
      Is it a matter for the courts now?

    • Dano

      Doesnt surprise me at all.

  • Jeff Chapman

    this dude is being mismanaged. plain and simple. if he’s not getting in the lineup, but john scott is, something’s rotten.

    • Dano

      I see the comparison your presenting made a LOT. The problem is your comparing a supposed super car to one used in a demolition derby. Scott is nothing more then a role-player whereas Grigorenko is supposed to be a ‘ top line centerman ‘.

      • Jeff Chapman

        can you think of any other player that has been mismanaged this poorly? ever?

        • Dano

          I dont need to. At this point, it doesnt matter.

          The kid wasnt put through the system properly. The ‘ fault ‘ that everyone wishes to push upon one side or the other more then likely goes to *both* parties involved.

          Theres a Player whom was told he would be on the roster by a manager who is no longer present. That player is now refusing to report to juniors.

          The problem is on both sides.

          • Caitlin Campbell

            yup as badly as the Sabres managed him Grigorenko needs to own up as well. New Management in Buffalo not the time to make a stand

    • davidmuscalo

      It doesn’t matter what line he is play on, he should be giving it his all every time he is on the ice and that isn’t happening!

  • Dano

    If he refuses to report back to Juniors, toll his contract. If he bolts back to Russia, he will disavow himself from playing in the NHL for quite a while.

    From watching him play, he ‘ floats ‘. He doesnt like playing the corners, doesnt play physical and worst of all, doesnt bring a consistent game. Being honest, in the same games, MANY of the other players didnt show up at all!

    This is similar to Mike Pecas holding out. Its something not needed. The team itself isnt in the running for the playoffs, has a new coach, new management and a rebuilding of the Organization. Now the piling on..

    Murray needs to pick up the phone and start seeing whom will make any offers. If you can get another prospect or a second round pick, take the loss and move on.

    Get the rebuilding on its way and eliminate the issues of Darcys legacy.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      That’s exactly my point- the work ethic and desire to be the best player he can be isn’t there. He just floats around and relies on his talent to get him by.
      Darcy left Murray a fine mess for sure

  • davidmuscalo

    The kid is just not ready for prime time. He has been given numerous chances to show that he belongs in the NHL and he has failed to do so. He may be another Luke Adam in the making. We will find out next year when he spends a season in Rochester. Perhaps the best place for him is the KHL where the demands for consistency and dedication are not as high as in the NHL.