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Poll: What Will Happen to Mikhail Grigorenko?

What a fine mess Darcy Regier has left Tim Murray and the Buffalo Sabres with. Due to Darcy’s inability to manage prospects the Buffalo Sabres are now at risk of losing Mikhail Grigorenko as the Russian prospect is tired of the Buffalo Sabres games. Thanks Darcy, what a fine mess you’ve left behind.

Things have not been easy for Mikhail Grigorenko as the Buffalo Sabres organization has toyed around with his progress over the last two season’s.

From making the team out of camp last season but getting little ice-time and then being returned to the QMJHL and then this season he

was promised a roster spot right from camp but still wasn’t getting any respectable ice time. The Sabres attempted to pull a fast one sending him to the AHL for a two-week conditioning stint but that was turned down. So Grigorenko once again found himself riding the pine as the Sabres had no place for him. Then came the World Juniors where the Sabres sent Grigorenko to rid themselves of his presence for awhile as he competed for Russia only problem is, Grigorenko expected to come back and play with the Sabres. Now the Sabres latest move was sending Grigorenko back to the QMJHL, but Mikhail he was having none of it and he refused to go.

Now both parties are in a jackpot as Grigorenko – with advice of his agent – refuses to go to Quebec and the Buffalo Sabres would prefer him to be elsewhere. Will Tim Murray cave to his young prospect?

There are a few situations that can play out with Grigorenko and the Sabres;

1. Tim Murray will stand strong and show the young players that he is in charge by either trading Grigorenko or refusing to bring him back to Buffalo.

2. Grigorenko can bolt to the KHL, which will all but end his hopes of an NHL career, where he could possibly provide a better life for his family.

3. Grigorenko can own up and play for the Remparts like he was told. After all the kid is just 19 and most 19 year olds are still battling hard in juniors for their NHL clubs.

4. Grigorenko will request an immediate trade out of Buffalo so he may go and earn ice on another NHL team that is willing to give him a fair shake.

5. Tim Murray will cave bringing Grigorenko back to Buffalo and force Ted Nolan to play him and see if he can develop.

6. The NHL will step in, and an exception to the NHL-CHL rule for Grigorenko and the Sabres will be made.

Which decision do you see happening with Mikhail Grigorenko going forward? What a fine mess left by Darcy Regier eh?

What Will Happen To Mikhail Grigorenko

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  • chas territo

    Can’t and will not vote on this because my vote type is not listed. My vote would be along the lines of wait and see what Grigorenko decides for himself. He is a boy who just made a man’s decision to figure out HIS life whether it’s Hockey or not. By not accepting going to Quebec, he is showing adult responsibility. I applaud him, he is showing signs of growing up to be a man. To punish him by doing what the voting listed is irresponsible to him and the team. Will this lead to him being a bonafide NHL player? Nobody knows, but him.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I get the fact that you want him to stick up for himself and his career but at the same time he’s only 19 and most 19 year olds are busting thier butts trying to make their teams. He’s 19 and needs to do what his team tells him to do

  • qwicwted

    Chas I hear what your saying, but the thing with Grigorenko is that while he has all the talent in the world, he is lazy and if he wants to “earn” time playing on an NHL team, he needs to work hard – which he hasn’t done. Even during the World’s he was criticized for relying on his talent and not playing to his full potential. Imagine if he played as hard as Risto and Zaderov. IMO its time to cut ties and send him on his way. Yes, Grigorenko wants to be a “big boy” – maybe he should act like a professional and play like one. I understand that he has been jerked around, but he is getting paid by the Sabres and they feel that his work performance isn’t up to NHL standards – so he needs to take steps to improve it – playing in Quebec is where the Sabres feel he needs to go. Either way – when his contract expires then he can decide what he wants to do.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Exactly if Grigorenko wants the ice time he believes that he deserves he needs to put in the work and man up. He has done nothing to prove that he can be what he says he can. He’s just 19

      • chas territo

        I am 57 yo and can’t remember much what it was like for me at 19, but I do remember as another man without a father let alone without a father figure I was confused and easily led. Where I was led was not to good places! I made the mistake of listening to the wrong people and went to jail a few times. Now I’m not saying he has bad advisor’s, but someone has his ear, Agent? They,(agent) should be the one who advises him to man up as you say.I was pretty much on the street at that age and did what I needed to do to survive, he needs to understand the jeopardy he is in, nobody, me, you, fans can get that thru his head because listening to us means diddly to him. It must come from within and his people who he trusts. Yes, he is lazy, but unlike Stafford he’s still young enough to become a working NHL player. Now as far as I can say, time is the real question. What does he do while not playing? Does he get it? Time will tell this story and it’s end. Me, I would kick his ass in gear and demand he man up!!

        • Caitlin Campbell

          There is some speculation that his agent has told him not to go to the QMJHL as neither party gets paid

  • chas territo

    True words for sure. I just think he was not handled right with Rolston and it’s confusing him to the point he does not trust the sabres at all. He is lazy, but don’t we have other lazy players, etal., Stafford?

    Adding him to the bigs wont change his laziness alone. New coach in Nolan might because Nolan doesn’t take any crap or BS excuses and maybe , just maybe that’s what he needs more than the KHL or Quebec?? I’m no coach by any means, but I have been a crew chief, foreman, etc in the painting industry. I have had problematic and or lazy employees and dealt with them on an individual manner. First thing a leader needs is awareness. You have many ways to deal with these types from embarrassing to private consultation. Use wisdom and do the necessary method. Now one of the most over used titles is called”he’s a teacher type of coach”?? What does that really mean? Rolston was this type and now he’s gone. is Nolan a teacher or disciplinarian type. I believe Grigorenko needs Nolan’s type to become NHL ready more than a teacher type. Looking at all Grigs has shown with his lack of a father figure, discipline is the issue more than just being lazy. It’s all about his handling, I think??