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Mikhail Grigorenko Accepts QMJHL Assignment

Mikhail Grigorenko has finally put the Buffalo Sabres and fans at ease by accepting his assignment to the QMJHL where he will rejoin his junior team the Quebec Remparts. The Sabres had sent the 19 year old back to the Remparts after his return from a solid World Junior tournament but on Saturday night Grigorenko announced he would not go down to the QMJHL.

His decision caused a lot of turmoil and debate in Buffalo, some even called for him to be traded but Grigorenko has decided to comply to his employers wishes and report to the QMJHL for the time being.



Both Grigorenko and his agent had some worries about the way the Sabres have handled his development and that was the cause of Grigorenko’s stand.

“I think that it was fair to say there were some real serious concerns about the development process of this player. Going down to Quebec, he’ll have played for his seventh coach in one calendar year. I certainly have not seen that or experienced that. I don’t think that anybody would think that’s ideal.” Jay Grossman, Grigorenko’s agent. Quote from Buffalo Hockey Beat

After causing much turmoil and likely landing on the wrong side of new GM Tim Murray, Grigorenko quickly had a change of heart,

despite asking for time and respect on his facebook page, and is heading back to where most 19 year old players are. Grigorenko will land with the Remparts later this week as he looks to lead his junior team back to the playoffs looking to show the Sabres he is ready for top 6 minutes in the NHL and if he is indeed ready he should have no issues dominating the QMJHL.

The Sabres are aiming for the top pick at the upcoming NHL entry draft and want to wait before putting Grigorenko into the line-up full time which is likely the best route for his development. Having a young rookie, perhaps the future of your team, playing with veterans who want out of town, on a team that losses more than it wins and faces immense media pressure isn’t the most ideal situation. Keeping him away from the limelight until a team full of young and competitive players rolls around is a much better idea.

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  • qwicwted

    Hummmm, I’m trying to figure out what vets want out of Buffalo? Clearly not D’Agostini, Olmark or Konopka. Can’t be Leino cause he’s getting paid for being injured. Hummmmm, I thought I read somewhere that Moulson and Ott would like to stay. So Girgensens? Ennis? Stafford? or maybe Ellis, Flynn, Sulzer, Ehrhoff, Tillender? I know McBain got a second life here, so did Scott….seems to me Hodgeson just resigned. So, I’m a little confused as to who wants out.
    I see the problem being more of him wanting and believing he has earned top 6 ice time based on his “talent”. I guess he hasn’t seen Briere or Richards and some other sitting in the press box – players who have a bigger reputation and have “earned” their stripes. I agree, I don’t think he was given the best opportunity to be successful when paired on the 4th line, but it gave him the opportunity to “work” out of it. That’s the key word – “work”. At this point in his career, he should be busting ass whereever he plays.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Yes Grigorenk has to work his butt off right now if he wants a chance to play big minutes with the Sabres.
      Let’s just say the mood in the room hasn’t exaclty been the brightest with all the losing and the media pressure this season and it’s best to keep Grigorenko away from that.

    • Kevin

      Maybe its more a matter of who the Sabres are going to want out of Buffalo. There is plenty of dead weight to go around.

    • Jes

      Your counting Girgensons as a vet? Lol

  • Jes

    I would’ve stood pat if I were him. But good news is he is headed back. Murray probably put his mind at ease by hey you will be in the line up as a regular basis next season.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I don’t think Murray promised him anything I think he would have told him to smarten up and do what he is told like other 19 year old players. Murray wasn’t going to back down.

    • jimbobv2

      Grigorenko had no choice but to report. He’s under contract and can’t play anywhere else without the Sabres say so. What was he going to do? Sit at home and play FIFA 14 for a while and hope that the Sabres decide to keep him in Buffalo with a coach that isn’t fond of kids, especially those with questions about his effort?

      • Jes

        Questions about effort? Do u have a link to this or u just blowing steam?

        And he easily could’ve held out it’s not rocket science. Remember Peca?

  • wolfdoctor

    Grigorenko stated at the world juniors that he wants to be the best player in the NHL. The first step would be to show that he is the best player in the QMJHL. Then next year the AHL. He needs to train and play harder than he ever has before in order to eventually make it in the NHL, let alone be the best.