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Sabre Noise Podcast #9: Behind Enemy Lines

Afternoon, Sabre Noise readers, and welcome to episode 9 of the Sabre Noise podcast!sabrenoise logo

Just so you know, I have submitted our podcast feed to the good folks over at the iTunes store, so for those of you who wish to hear the soothing sounds of my voice through your headphones, you can open iTunes and subscribe to our podcast!  If you cannot find it, let me know – I was informed that the podcast has been accepted, but as with anything new there are bumps and bruises to be had before things begin working smoothly.

So, what’s in this episode, you ask?  Well, as always, I give you my picks of the week, which are never wrong – never, I say!  Also, I discuss Ryan Miller – does his name deserve to be discussed when we talk about the Vezina Trophy this year?  Finally, I open my big mouth and weigh in on he Mikhail Grigorenko mess that the Buffalo Sabres are dealing with right now.

Just so you know: I’m so dedicated to keeping these podcasts coming at you on a weekly basis that I recorded most of this podcast from my classroom today!  That’s right, fans: I suffered some weird looks from people walking by my room, listening to me talk to myself, just to keep you happy.

Well, enough from me – go listen to, ah, me!

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  • JHizzle75

    Nice job once again, young lady. Lol
    It kinda sounded like you were drinking something though….my guess would be frosty barley pops! That would explain you rhyming Vezina with vagina…its pronounced Vez-ih-nuh… Lol. It would also explain the belch. In the future you should try to set an example to your students by abstaining from alcohol, or at least drink vodka so they can’t smell it on you!
    I kid, I kid. Seriously though, nice work Rich.

    • Richard Spalding

      Ba ha ha ha! I knew as I said Vezina I had effed it up, and I was like, “Nah – I’m not going to stop and re-record, because I’m running out of time!” So much easier to edit when you type. At least I retained my female allure, though.