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Mikhail Grigorenko Still Getting Toyed With by NHL

It appears the nightmare in which Mikhail Grigorenko is living regarding his NHL career just keeps on getting worse. From being promised a roster spot on the Sabres to sitting in the press box to a denied AHL stint and then a successful World Junior tournament and finally being sent back to the QMJHL, the kid just can’t win. When will Grigorenko be able to unpack his bags this season?

Mikhail Grigorenko made it clear he was unhappy with his reassignment back to the Quebec Remparts in the QMJHL, and the 19

year old refused to report. After a brief stand off Grigorenko made his way back to junior but his adventure doesn’t seem to be ending there.

The Quebec Remparts and Mikhail Grigorenko reportedly came to an agreement to transfer the Russian to Finland to finish off this season playing for Tappara in the SM-liiga, but the NHL stepped in and nixed the move.

I’ll show you the original tweet and then a translation of the tweet by two reporters.


Now the translation


This move would have allowed Grigorenko to play for a men’s elite hockey team in Finland’s top hockey league. Which would have been huge and arguably better for Grigorenko’s development than time with the Remparts in the QMJHL. It’s pretty clear that Grigorenko has outgrown the QMJHL scoring at 1.5 points per game pace, but isn’t ready for the NHL and since the AHL isn’t an option a Finish elite league is the only other option.

There has been no explanation into why the NHL said no, but I’m starting to think either the NHL really, really dislikes the Buffalo Sabres or they don’t want to see this kid become successful. Rules are in place to control the average group; However, when there is someone who does not fit, exceptions can be made. Unfortunately, the NHL, has shut down the Sabres every attempt to help Grigorenko develop. There is some debate to who owns Grigorenko’s rights and because he is on loan to the QMJHL he wouldn’t be allowed to transfer overseas.

For now Mikhail Grigorenko will have to stay in the QMJHL, until either the Buffalo Sabres call him up, or the NHL decides to help the kid who’s NHL career has been nothing trouble thus far. I bet the KHL would treat him better.

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  • jimbobv2

    Is there any precedent that a player drafted out of the CHL, signed an NHL contract, and then was loaned to a club in Europe while he still had Jr eligibility left?

    This could be as simple as the NHL honoring their deal with the CHL much in the same way that Grigorenko can’t be loaned to the Amerks.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I’m not 100% on what the ruling is TBH. I heard that the CHL and Europe do have a deal where you can trasnfer players but not 100% sure

      • jimbobv2

        The CHL doesn’t own Grigorenko’s pro contract, the Sabres do and the NHL comes into the picture with loans because of it.

        Thus, I don’t think a deal between the CHL and various European leagues matter much here.

  • Dano

    I think the kid should just give the bird to the NHL and go to the KHL BUT.. theres an agreement for honoring each leagues contracts ( to an extent ). Something tells me Bettman and Crew would try to nix such a thing.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      If I’m Grigorenko the KHL is getting more and more tempting everyday… I think the CHL can transfer a player but I’m not sure

      • Dano

        If Im Grigorenko, Im looking for the best clubs in Winnipeg! ;)

  • Thomas Eric

    Just let the kid grow the nhl has better things they should be doing

    • Caitlin Campbell

      A big question that has been brought up is where has the NHLPA been?

      • davidmuscalo

        Good point!

  • chas territo

    The NHL is turning more and more into a Nazi Hockey League! What a lack of ethics they are showing to Buffalo, Grigorenko and the fans. Bettman has that ‘little man’ syndrome I think. The kid needs to play to develop and the league he’s in now, he is better than the players around him. It makes more sense to let him go abroad to Finland and gain experience against MEN, not boys.

  • Joe

    Its bc the nhl hates the sabres. It has nothing to do with grigorenko

  • davidmuscalo

    I thought slavery was abolished in the USA in 1863. I guess the NHL has found a way around that. What organization purposely places barriers in the way of a member who is trying to advance their career by working in a nurturing environment that allows the individual to associate with those individuals who have similar skills and are at a similar stage in their development?

    The NHL has notified Grigo that he is mere chattel who must obey their rigid, irrational rules regardless of whether it is fair to Grigo and the other players in QMJHL. He can not improve by playing against kids whom he dominates; they don’t provide the challenge he needs if he is to improve. It is also unfair to the kids in the QMJHL to have to attempt to compete against a “peer” who has far superior skills.

    I am certain that the NHL could find a way to allow him to play in a more competitive league if they sincerely made an effort to do so. I think the fact that Grigo plays for the Buffalo Sabres has a lot to do with their seemingly disregard for this kid’s development. I am certain they would a way to around the rules if it were the Canadians or the Bruins.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Exactly if the NHl truly wanted to they would find a place for him to play but they could care less because he’s trapped in Buffalo and probably because of the KHL

  • Jes

    I think it’s a little bit of both those things you stated. It’s absolutely ridiculous they do not want this kid to play in a league where he is more fit to play rather then in the juniors.

    NHL has been against us for awhile. Guaranteed if it was any other team they’d let him go. Especially if it was a player on one of the original six teams. Total BS. They definitely don’t us or Grigs to succeed.

  • janb55

    Wonder if players who are in CHL leagues know of this rule that they can’t play in the AHL until they are 20–but then many of them think when they get drafted, they’ll go immediately to the NHL.

  • Henrijs Leja

    Truth to be said – Grigs excellent talent, although starting to show his attitude a bit too early… I haven’t seen too many games this season, but the ones i have, Grigs not always been keen on getting back to defence, instead offensively some not well-thought-through decisions – perhaps Nolan chooses guys who work harder… On the other hand – whole start of season had been nightmare – I am sure Rolston is really good at what he does, just perhaps in a different level…