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Where Has the NHLPA Been?

The National Hockey League Players Association was created to protect the rights of the players in the NHL and to make sure they aren’t being taken advantaged of, or jerked around by their respective NHL teams. The NHLPA was very vocal during the lockout and they’ve been vocal regarding suspensions to David Clarkson and Shawn Thornton. However, one of the members has been given a rough ride lately, and they’re no where to be found.

Mikhail Grigorenko has signed an NHL contract making him property of the Buffalo Sabres a team in the NHL and with nearly

50 games of NHL experience under his belt I think that makes him a member of the NHLPA or at least someone who the NHLPA should be supporting. Yet Grigorenko has been messed around with by both the Buffalo Sabres and the NHL, so why hasn’t the NHLPA at least stood up for one of their players?

Sure, the NHLPA can’t make the Buffalo Sabres play Mikhail Grigorenko, but shouldn’t they at least stand behind him and protect his rights or help petition the NHL to make an exception and allow him in the AHL? Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that the sort of thing unions usually do? If Sidney Crosby or Alex Ovechkin were being treated half as badly as this, you can bet your bottom dollar the NHLPA would be on the scene in a flash but because it’s happening to a Buffalo Sabres rookie they don’t care?

Is it because he’s a rookie? Is it because he plays for the Sabres? Is it due to the threat of the KHL? Maybe it’s due to the fact they don’t think they have an argument, but they should at least be supporting him and taking him under their wing as he continues to get jerked around.

Anyone think it’s a little odd that the NHLPA has been in hiding during Mikhail Grigorenko’s NHL struggles? Shouldn’t they’ve supporting one of their young members whose been frustrated by his NHL experience to date?

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  • Jes

    It’s absolutely ridiculous CC. This kid has been treated horribly by the Sabres and the NHL and you can add the NHLPA to that list now to. I’m getting fed up with the way they treated him so far.

    • qwicwted

      Jes, I’m not going to lay it all on the Sabres, yes, I think he has gotten a raw deal….stuck on a line playing with Scott and Ellis, McCormick or Kaleta. I think he was given the opportunity to play on the #2 line and it just didn’t work out. Grigorenko’s value dropped before the draft because the rumor was he was “lazy when he didn’t have the puck”. There is a reason why 11 other teams passed on him and it seems the rumors were right. I understand he wants respect, but respect is earned, not a given. So he may have all the talent in the world, but if he just wants to skate by, then it is a waste. No matter what line he was asked to play, he should have been busting his ass. And no matter where he plays – he should be busting his ass.

  • Kevin

    I have felt bad for the kid from the first day they decided to keep him up with the Sabres. I thought it was a bad decision then and look what has snowballed from that one bad decision. Too bad. Sure he could have made the most of it and progressed like Girgensons, but he is not him. And it’s not a fair comparison. Kids that come out of juniors catch on and mature at different times. And some never do because of a situation like this. 5 yrs down the road we may be saying, bust. But only we know the truth.

    • JHizzle75

      The difference between Girgs and Grigo is their work ethic. If Grigo had busted his ass from the start like Girgs did he would still be with the big club, IMO.
      Grigo is probably superior in most aspects of the game besides hustle. I wish someone would just knock some sense into him because we really need some offence. He could solve some of the Sabre’s problems if he just realized that talent alone isn’t enough.

      • Kevin

        Accurate point. It always amazes me when a player gets drafted so high, as Grigorenko did, and they already new he had work ethic problems. They guys on TSN said that right after we drafted him.

  • Kevin

    The NHLPA doesn’t want to get involved because they may consider him still a junior and not a part of the said NHL Union. Just a guess.

  • Joe

    Its the same problems with unions. People who have only been in the union a short time mean nothing to the union

  • jimbobv2

    Perhaps the NHLPA isn’t getting involved because the NHL was doing the right thing per the current CBA and the agreement the NHL has with the CHL in regards to players signed to pro contracts who still have CHL eligibility remaining….