Buffalo Sabres Week In Review

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This was certainly a different week for the Buffalo Sabres who finally got some much needed offence yet went 0-3 on the week. Over the past 3 games the Sabres managed to net 9 goals for an average of 3 goals per game for 3 straight games, something the Buffalo Sabres have failed to do this season.

After Jhonas Enroth called out the offence stating “it was hard to win with this team” the goaltenders just couldn’t shut the door. On a brighter note, the Sabres did earn 2 points this week.


Game 1: 4-3 Loss to the Philadelphia Flyers
Game 2: 4-3 S/O Loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs
Game 3: 4-3/ S/O Loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets

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  • Kevin

    Nice Job CC! Great to be writing so much positive again don’t ya think? Unless I missed it, I don’t remember seeing Grig’s in there, but then again have we taken the kid for granted already?

    • Caitlin Campbell

      It’s awesome to be writing positive about this hockey team. Love their play under Nolan on most nights I’m pretty happy with their effort.
      no Grigs in here as he’s down in the QMJHL

      • Kevin

        I’m sorry, my bad. I meant Girgensons