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Poll: Has Tyler Myers Become Tyler Myers Once Again?

Tyler Myers NHL career could easily be summed up by equating it to a roller coaster ride filled with lots of ups and downs as the ride continues on. Last night Tyler Myers laced up for his 300th career NHL game and boy did he bring his A-game for the landmark game.

During his 300th career game Myers netted two goals, including the tying goal with less than 30 seconds remaining in a 3-2 hockey

game. Myers becomes the first Buffalo Sabres defenceman to score two goals in a game since Alex Sulzer did it back in 2012 against the Toronto Maple Leafs, not bad for the gentle giant coming back from a controversial suspension.

Myers game has seemed different right from the get go this season. His confidence has slowly been returning and he is beginning to use his size to his advantage more and more, giving fans a shadow of his Calder winning season. Once Ted Nolan took over Myers only took his game a step further and has become an integral part of the Sabres blueline.

There were times in which fans wanted to write-off the Calder winning defenceman as a one-hit wonder demanding the Sabres trade him at the first offer they received and while his play certainly struggled Myers is not the type of young player you give up on.

For a lot of young defencemen who are to become staples on the blueline it takes roughly 5 season’s for them to hit their true NHL stride. They may have flashes of brilliance one season, then look like they have never been on skates the next; it’s the constant battle with a young defenceman.

This season is Tyler Myers 5th NHL season with the Buffalo Sabre’s and this should and has been the most telling season for Myers. He appears to have found his game this season and looks better every night he steps on the ice. One thing to watch as the season unfolds in the next week or two is Myers reaction to his suspension. One of the biggest worries was that his suspension would affect his physical play and throw him back into a downward spiral. So far the suspension hasn’t bothered him much, despite the fact he is the leading penalty taker for the Sabres.



Myers has become one of the more reliable defenceman this season for the Sabres as the poor play falls to Mike Weber. Maybe what Myers was missing all along was the physical aspect, it sure is nice to see him heading up the ice with a full head of steam again.

Do you think Tyler Myers has found his game and is beginning to round into his game? Is Myers “back?”

Is Tyler Myers Back?

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  • Kevin

    I agree, I think he is back. He has been on his way back for quite some time now. We are just seeing him use his skates more now.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      For sure I love the Myers we’re seeing this season

  • Bill Stowers

    Man, in my oppinion ted nolan is doing a phenominal job with this sabres team. We arent very good yet but we are starting to win more games and even the losses now are increasingly close, like shoot out or OT losses instead of just flat performances like we were seeing earlier this year.

    • Jes

      I’d prefer the flat out losses at this point.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I agree Nolan has turned this team around even though we’re not puting up W’s. The work ethic and dedication is there. This team looks completely diferent

      • Joe

        Now all we need is some talent lol

  • Dano

    I dont think hes ‘ back ‘, I think hes finally finding his game.

    The Kid is 6foot6+. He has reach and if he finds the desire to get a bit of a mean streak, he will be an Elite defenseman in the NHL. I will go as far as to say he will be better then Chara as he ( Chara ) cannot skate like Myers.

    I think the suspension busted a mental barrier Myers had. He now realizes ‘ Defication Occures ‘ and that a suspension isnt the end of the world and nothing to worry about. Play your game and do it with no regrets.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      It takes young defenceman longer to find thier game so it’s great if Myers is beginning to find his game. I think he’s teetering on the edge of a mean streak. He leads the Sabres in penalties and just needs to learn how to use the physical game a little more.

  • Jes

    I don’t think he’s completely “back,” as it where but heading in the wrong direction. We haven’t seen anything yet ladies and gentlemen this is just the tip of the iceberg known as Tyler Myers.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Fair point he’s heading in the right direction and i can’t wait to see where it takes it him

  • JHizzle75

    Tyler Myers never went anywhere, he’s just playing with confidence now.
    I’m guessing he responds to Nolan’s style of coaching better than his previous coaches.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Fair enough but I love the new confidence filled Tyler Myers more than the other one lol.
      That and his mentor Henrik Tallinder is back in Blue and gold- the two have solid chemistry

      • Joe

        Caitlin u saying that is quite funny to me as i do believe if i go back far enough u argued with me saying tallinder was no good for helping our young defenseman

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