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Poll: What is Marcus Foligno’s Future Potential?

Marcus Foligno has had Buffalo Sabres fans excited for his future since he burst onto the scenes back in 2011-2012 when he put up 13 points in just 14 games. Foligno has lived off of that brief 14 game stint over the last few season’s, despite not coming even close to that production again. If Foligno continues at his current pace this season he’ll finish with roughly 22 points, a far cry from what a lot of people expected. So today’s question to all of you is what are you expecting out of Marcus Foligno in the future? What is his potential with the Buffalo Sabres?

Foligno is a tough nut to crack. At times he looks like a solid second line power forward which is what a lot of fans want to see from

him, but at other times it looks like he could barely crack the 4th line. However, there are a few things we need to take into account when looking at Foligno’s past, current and future.

To begin we’ll start with his lockout shortened season with the Sabres following his impressive 14 NHL game stint. Foligno played in 47 games with the Sabres and finished with 18 points, if he continued at that pace for the full 82 games he would have finished with just under 40 points which is pretty good. While he’s having a tough year right now and will barely reach the 20 point plateau, every young player has streaks and off years.

If Foligno is to develop into a solid power forward he most likely will be similar to a James van Reimsdyk type of player. The Philadelphia Flyers gave up on JVR while he was just 22 which is far too young, and they’re probably regretting that move considering how well JVR is doing in Toronto.

Foligno is just 22 years young, he has plenty of time to develop into the player he is going to be and struggles are only apart of the course you take with a young player. The key thing to remember with Marcus Foligno is the fact that he has yet to play a full 82 game season and that technically makes him a rookie still. He’s played with the Sabres for parts of 3 seasons (this year included), but has yet to play a full season.

How can you judge a 22 year old who has yet to play a full NHL season? Consistency in the NHL comes with time played and Foligno has barely had a cup of water in his NHL career. I refuse to give up on a kid who is just 22 and has yet to complete a full NHL season; you have to give the kid a chance.

Foligno has always been touted as a grinder who specializes in a physical game when he was taken 104th in his draft year, a guy like that isn’t supposed to get a sniff of an NHL career where the Sabres may have found a legitimate NHL contributor.

When thinking about Marcus Foligno, please remember that he is just 22, has yet to play a full 82 game season and still has lots of time to round into form. Where do you see Foligno playing in the future?

What Will Marcus Foligno Develop Into?

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  • lee Munn

    I think I would blend the 2 together.. In a few years hopefully some of our 1st rnd pics turn into our 1st & 2nd lines.. but I could see Foligno being a solid 3rd liner with good defensive abilities + 30 pts. I still think he has more talent than his bro. who puts 35-45 per yr.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Good point, some of our better talen could and likely will surpass him in the next couple of season’s but I think he’d be a solid 3rd line guy for the Sabres going forward.

  • Joe

    I believe foligno has been playing injured for awhile even tho they arent saying it u can tell something is way off in his game

    • Jes

      Naw he is what he is. We’ve seen the real Foligno stand up the past couple of seasons.

      • Caitlin Campbell

        I’m not ready to write the final note in the Foligno book. Less than 1 full NHL season under his belt- he’s got lots of time to develop.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      That’s a good point- I do think he hasn’t quite been himself this season. He injured his should in the preseason and shoulder injuries are always tricky

  • Jes

    3rd line PF with little offensive upside. He’s tough I’ll give him that but that point streak he went on at the end of the year a couple seasons ago was just luck IMO.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      It’s unlikely he’ll ever go on that kind of point streak again you’re right but he does have time to grow. 3rd line power forward is a still a solid role on the Sabres

  • Dano

    3rd line player. Kaletas replacement.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I’d take Foligno’s offencive upside over Kaleta’s personally

      • JHizzle75

        He plays the game with respect for his opponents also

        • Caitlin Campbell

          which I personally love

      • Dano

        I would too BUT!!!!

        For as much as people hate Kaleta Freight-training people, it was great to have a player that made the opposition keep their head up. I used to Marvel at Scott Stevens and all the beautiful open-ice hits he put on people.

        The Sabres used to have a guy named Bill Hajt ( Pronounced ‘ height ‘ ). He was considered ‘ big ‘ for the era he played. He was well over 6 foot and over 200lbs to match it. Hajt could lay a hip check! I mean… go google some of Scott Stevens hits and they were NOTHING compared to the way Hajt would absolutely low-bridge guys. He would have people doing summer-saults and landing on their heads.

        He didnt fight like Kaleta and Foligno do. He would often skate away and Larry Playfair or Gerry Korab would come in to take care of things but when Hajt went looking for someone, their playing time for that night was over!

        Cant hit the way Hajt, Stevens and Kaleta came into the game with anymore. :(

  • Vic Soga

    Nolan is giving less and less ice time to the young guys including Foligno. Or maybe he has something against dad.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      haha Nolan does seem to have something against the younger players but hopefully they’ll be able to “earn” his trust