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Poll: How Many Points Will Ville Leino Finish With?

Today’s poll comes courtesy of dedicated commenter Jes, and he wants to know how many points Ville Leino will put up during the final 34 games this season. Will he put up enough points to convince the Buffalo Sabres that he’s worth the money and avoid a buy-out?

While other players on the Buffalo Sabres roster may have disappointed as well this season, none of them have disappointed fans over the last 3

season’s as much as Ville Leino has. He’s kind of like public enemy number one for Sabres fans, if you bring up the massive contract he signed, we may cry.

Leino is the only forward to have played 30 games this season and have no goals to show for his work, heck even John Scott has scored a goal. While he may have a big fat goose egg in the goal column, he does have a nice lucky 7 in the assist and points column, so at least he has some points this season.

The Buffalo Sabres have laced up for 48 games this season and Leino has played in 31 of those games; The Sabres have 34 games left until the end of this season, let’s say for the sake of today’s poll that Leino stays healthy for all 34 games. *Knock-on-Wood.* If Leino suits up for all of the Sabres remaining games, how many points do you think he puts up?

It’s been a rocky season for Mr. Leino, one that has seen him bounce from the second line to the press box, to the fourth line and back to the second line again. Ted Nolan is looking for a place play Leino so he can finally net his first goal of the season and take the monkey off his back, but it hasn’t worked thus far.

There has been some debate on twitter about the Buffalo Sabres shutting down Leino post-trade-deadline to ensure he is healthy so they can buy him out at the end of this season. Do you see the Sabres shutting him down?

Going back to Jes’ original question, vote in today’s poll for how many points you think Ville Leino will rack up in the remaining 34 games. Remember he has 7 right now, can he add at least 7 more?  Then in the comments tell us how many of those points will be from goals in the last 34 games. If you would like to go further into the debate, let us know your thoughts on shutting down Leino post- trade-deadline for a buy-out.

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