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Poll: Which Buffalo Sabres Player Would You Hate To Lose?

I know Facebook is really a dying social media platform which refuses to fade out, but there is something to be said for the ability to gather with other hockey fans, more specifically, Buffalo Sabres fan groups on Facebook. I’m in two Facebook fan groups/pages that have some great Buffalo Sabres discussion daily. One of those groups is responsible for today’s poll as a matter of fact, from a question that was pitched yesterday morning. Which Buffalo Sabres player on the current roster would you hate to lose the most?

Everyone has a special player on their favourite team that has a special place in their heart and while they may talk a big game, it

would hurt to see that player playing for another NHL team. I know for myself that when and if the time comes for Ryan Miller to be traded I will probably cry, and no I’m not ashamed about that. If it wasn’t for Miller I would never have become a Sabres fan and then I wouldn’t be here writing to all you wonderful people; Wouldn’t that be tragic?

Even the toughest of fans who are sold out for the Sabres more than a single member of the team have to have a player who they will be sad to wave goodbye to.

Is it new fan favourite and captain Steve Ott? What about the little spark plug Tyler Ennis? He may not be the first line centre the Buffalo Sabres need but you have to admire his heart and effort. Any Ville Leino fans out there who might cry when and if the Sabres buy him out this offseason? What about a guy like Tyler Myers? I don’t know what it is about him but he’s pretty hard to dislike, at least off the ice. Any fans going to be sad to say goodbye to Matt Moulson if the Sabres do indeed flip him for the future? He’s been pretty good to the Sabres during his tenure here in Buffalo no? What about Zemgus Girgensons, he seems to be a new fan favourite?

For today’s poll, we’re going to get all sentimental and thinking about the Buffalo Sabres player it would be hardest to see playing for another team. Take some time to think, there has to be someone on the current roster who has a special place on your hockey shelf in your heart. Maybe it’s a player who’s jersey you proudly don every game. Just have some fun with today’s poll, don’t take it too seriously folks.

Since we’re being all sad about the future, name the player currently in the Sabres organization you’re most excited to see going forward in the comments below! Obviously I can’t make a poll option for every member on the Sabres, if I don’t mention your guy just mention him in the comments. Let’s have a little Sabres love fest everybody!

Who Would you hate to see leave?

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  • Jes

    I wanted to vote Leino just as a joke lol but decided to vote for my main man Tyler Myers. Girgensons would be my 2nd.

    I for one would love it if and when Miller leaves CC;)

    • Caitlin Campbell

      haha I figure someone will vote Leino as a joke at some point.
      Yes, yes I know you can’t wait for Enorth time :p

  • JHizzle75

    I think I’ll go with Ott. I know Miller is the obvious choice as far as wins go, but I think the team would miss Ott more.
    From what I’ve seen and read about Ott he seems to be a very likeable guy ( as long as you’re on HIS team lol ) and whenever you watch interviews with players you can see how much they like and respect him. I’m thinking he’s really good in the locker room and a great leader overall. The kind of guy you’d want to go for a beer with and talk hockey, that’s just my impression, anyway.

  • Dano

    Mine would be any of the 4th line guys. The guys whom go out and play with heart night in and night out. The un-sung types. Ellis, Scott, Flynn.. the guys whom give 110% every night and have little to nothing to show for it.

    From the list above : Gus. The kid plays with heart and gives full effort. Plays Physical and has some skill to him.

    • wolfdoctor

      Those 4th line guys are a dime a dozen. We could lose them and there would be a new set available, immediately .

      • Dano

        Yes, you believe they are all expendable. Without them though, teams flounder and become quite boring. Nobody respects them and as you said, they are a ‘ dime a dozen ‘. I wouldnt mind being part of that dozen.

        • wolfdoctor

          I just meant that Ellis, Scott, Flynn could easily be replaced with 3 of many other players in the system : Kaleta, Porter, Adam, D’Agostini, Konopka, McCormick, Varone to name a few. It’s the first liners that are hard to come by.

  • qwicwted

    Other than Girgensens and our youngsters – I think everyone should be available. I really like Moulson and Ott – but I think before offering them on the trading block I think the Sabres need to decide whether they want to resign them, if they can resign them and if not – then start the trade wars.