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Poll: Can Jhonas Enroth Be The Starter Once Miller is Gone?

It’s really hard to judge Jhonas Enroth for his work as the Buffalo Sabres back-up goalie over the last 3 seasons. There was a time when putting him between the pipes would almost certainly be a loss, leaving fans cringing with every shot he faced. Then he started to emerge and show that he can stop pucks, battle hard enough to drag out 2 points. However, lately it seems Enroth has fallen back into the inconsistent play which worries fans for a future without Miller.

When you’re a goaltender, and you call out your teammates for not scoring for you then you have to be ready to back that up with some impressive performances. In Enroth’s last 2 games the Sabres have scored 3 goals, something they’ve had a very difficult time doing this season, and yet they’ve lost both games.



The defence has been horrible for both netminders and the offence has been limited but Ryan Miller has been able to drag out

points for his team while Enroth hasn’t. Enroth has lost his last 12 starts and has just 1 win on the season and 22 in his 69 games throughout his NHL career. He has not proved he can win in this league and maybe that’s exactly what the Sabres need for the rebuild but what about the future?

I’m not trying to bash Jhonas Enroth, or say that he’s a bad goaltender, all I’m wondering is whether or not he’s true starter materiel? He’s played well this season, but not good enough to win. Maybe he’s the right guy for the short-term. However, what about the future? There are a lot of Buffalo Sabres fans who have some serious concerns over Enroth between the pipes as a number one.

The Sabres seem to have a problem scoring goals, and if that’s going to be a trend under Ted Nolan, then the Buffalo Sabres need someone who can play lights out nearly every night. Up to this point Enroth hasn’t shown that capability. At the end of the day save percentage, GAA and the crappy defence doesn’t matter, it’s all about how many wins a goaltender can drag out. Nothing against Jhonas Enroth, it’s just hard to trust him.

What do you guys think about the possibility of Jhonas Enroth becoming the future of the Buffalo Sabres after Miller leaves? Can you trust Enroth to deliver night in and night out?

Can Jhonas Enroth Be the Starting Going Forward?

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  • Melvin Hurley

    No way, look at this season compared to Miller, both in front off the same D, the stats don’t lie. Rebuilding needs a solid stopper to build upon, sign Miller if he will ands build the team from there

    • wolfdoctor

      I understand your sentiment, but by the time the rebuild is done Miller will be getting old, probably 38 or older. In the mean time, having him here will likely result in the Sabres getting worse draft picks, thus hurting the rebuild. The only reasons I can see management signing him are to keep impatient fans happy and to make the cap floor.

  • Vic Soga

    I am concerned with Enroth as a starter as well as Sweden may be concerned also as a backup to Lundqvist. The best thing Buffalo should do is play him lots before the Olympic break and rest Miller. Then management can decide before the trade deadline what to do with him. Scoring not goaltending is Buffalo’s problem so far. Is the goaltending coach a factor?

  • wolfdoctor

    Enroth isn’t the future of the team, but he’s good enough during the rebuild. I believe Ullmark will be the goalie of the future. Until he arrives and is ready, Enroth and another backup can handle the goal tending chores after Miller is traded. If playing Enroth gives us a chance at McDavid, then play Enroth.

  • Jes

    Hellz yah. Sure he’s been disappointing lately but in those games the team does score they are horrible defensively. For a goalie to succeed the team in front of him also has to play good. Miller hasn’t been sharp at all when we get goals. He’s been successful only when we win those 2-1 games. Once in awhile he will get the win when we score but not too much.

  • acpilkin

    While he makes an amazing save or two a game, he also gives up 2 soft goals a game that are very savable. No thanks, I’ll pass.

  • Dano

    Enroth COULD start. I dont believe he would be the ‘ new guy ‘ though. Just filling in till they find someone else.

  • David Clark

    Is it just me… or does Enroth remind anyone of Jacques Cloutier? Just saying.

    • wolfdoctor

      Yes. I had forgotten about him.

  • davidmuscalo

    The only place Enroth could be a starter is in the AHL. If Miller is traded or walks, forget the rebuild until management somehow finds an NHL-level goalie.