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If Buffalo Sabres Move Ryan Miller, Trade Jhonas Enroth As Well

This is strictly a matter of opinion, but with reports and rumors coming out that the Buffalo Sabres could likely be moving goaltender Ryan Miller even before the Olympic break, it’s time to consider who we could move Jhonas Enroth too, and what we can get for him.

Don’t get me wrong – I like Jhonas, I think he can be a great backup goaltender.  The only problem is, we have seen time and time again this team fail to show up in front of Enroth and his efforts wasted on a poor defensive effort.

If Ryan Miller has one foot out the door in Buffalo – Jhonas Enroth should be sitting in front of Tim Murray’s office saying me next, and I am not talking about the starting job for the Buffalo Sabres.

Right now the Sabres are looking to have the bottom spot in the league, guaranteeing themselves the highest likelihood of drafting in the top spot for the 2014 NHL Entry draft.  The Buffalo Sabres have already hinted at needing to be bad and pick high in both this draft and the following entry draft as well.

We know what we have in the form of a goaltender in Jhonas Enroth – with another bad season on the horizon, it might be worth the Buffalo Sabres time to get Matt Hackett involved at the NHL level – and even giving Andrei Makarov the chance at proving himself in the AHL or even the NHL to see if he can replicate any of the success he had at the junior level this year.

With his impending status as an unrestricted free agent after next season, now is the time to move Jhonas Enroth and continue to stockpile picks in the 2014 and 2015 draft classes – allowing Tim Murray to stock the Buffalo Sabres and Rochester Americans with players that he has drafted.

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  • Thomas Eric

    I am a big fan of this idea I think it’s time to see what our stock pile of goaltending prospects have given us

  • [email protected]

    I really hate the idea of losing on purpose under the guise of giving untested rookies a shot. But at this point, there is not much of a season to salvage.

    • ende

      Of course there isn’t. Nor next season. Winning doesn’t accomplish anything during a rebuild, it’s counterproductive. We can win once we’ve brought on more talent.

  • Ben Chalker

    I’ve been saying this for ages. Any team that wants to upgrade their keeper is going to want to shed a goalie contract too

    • Ben Chalker

      Send him to Winnipeg for Andrew ladd

      • Jes

        hahahaha click….

        That’s Winnipeg laughing and hanging up the phone.

  • Manny4Mayor

    It’s like you guys don’t pay any attention to anything that Nolan, Lafontaine, or Murray have said. The only way Enroth gets traded is if the Sabres bring someone like Halak (though I don’t know why St. Louis would do that trade) back for Miller. Someone they’d start over Enroth Then you might have to trade him too, just because disgruntled backups are distracting. It would have nothing to do with getting guys like Hackett more time up here.

  • lee Munn

    I am sorry Tim, but what is the use for getting rid of Enroth right now?
    We would not get better than a 4th or 5th round draft for him by looking at his record. The only reason to get rid of Enroth is if they re-sign Miller (I do not see that happening). We may as well give Enroth one year to try as starter or even split with Hackett or the lesser goalie we get with Miller trade. If he does not prove well enough he gets traded next year before trade deadline. I love Makarov & Ulmark for our future, but they are both 1.5 years away from NHL (Makarov 1 year in AHL & Ulmark still has 1 year left with MODO). Makarov did not even make AHL, but he’s looking great in Ft Wayne (with a 11-6-2 & his back-ups are 4-12… that says something!… Knapp’s record is good, but not as good as his back-ups for that reason I do not see him re-signed)

  • Jes

    Your smoking something real good while writing this article. Right now looking at Hackett’s stats in the AHL seems like he’d be an epic fail in the NHL. Anybody who’s anybody on this team should be asking for a way out not only Enroth.

  • chas territo

    Not too bad an idea really. Enroth has been developing for a few years to be the less than average goalie he is. His win loss record shows more than anything why trading him is NOT a bad idea.

    Yes, of course he can look good some nights, but he lacks consistency. Trade him if possible for another back up?? It wont happen because nobody trades for back ups with a losing record.

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  • David Reaper Boehringer

    totally agree i would like to see hackett as well but i think we should bring up some new blood and give these young guys a try