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Tick Tock Time Is Short On The Ryan Miller Clock

Ah, it’s a Monday and with every Monday comes a brand new set of trade rumours for fans to become wrapped up in and stress about before they’ve even had their morning coffee. When I awoke this morning and made my daily rounds on Facebook and twitter I was unsurprisingly met with more Ryan Miller trade rumours.

We’ve all been hearing about these rumours since the puck dropped on this NHL season. It seems everyday a new team

has been added to the Ryan Miller rumours as everyone from the Edmonton Oilers to the Washington Capitals, have been rumoured to have interest. However, the rumours swirling around today, seem to carry a little more weight and worry than those earlier in the season, as the window to trade Miller is just about perfect.

Now we’re still looking to dig up an official source for these rumours, but there is some talk the Buffalo Sabres may be holding some kind of press conference later today, or early tomorrow and that a trade for Ryan Miller is all but complete. Where is Miller likely to land? The St. Louis Blues, the rumoured front runners in the Miller sweepstakes all season.

With the trade deadline looming and the Olympic Break mere days away the Buffalo Sabres have become more proactive in shopping the netminder. While the Blues are thought to be the lead team in the rumours today, an injury to Josh Harding has the Minnesota Wild apparently interested in the netminder. With Harding on the shelf and the Wild in the playoff hunt, they could use a goaltender in a hurry.

A team in the central is rumoured to have offered the Buffalo Sabres, a large deal to net Miller before the Olympic break and both the Wild and Blues play in the central. At this rate there is a very strong chance Ryan Miller will be dealt before the Olympic break, if not by the end of this week.

Stay glued to SabreNoise for all the latest Ryan Miller rumblings. What could the Sabres land in a trade with the Blues? How about the Wild?

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  • Jes

    Wow I honestly thought we will be waiting until after the Olympic break. Hope it’s St. Louis if it’s the Wild then I believe the Wild have turned themselves into the Sabres of the west minus the losses of course.

    On another note how great is Harding? The guys got MS and such a great goalie. Never think he’s got MS. I honestly hope Minny does good by him and doesn’t just push him aside.

    • Thomas Eric

      They would push out backstrom….of the two Harding is the better goaltender but due to his ms I don’t think it’s safe to ride him to the play offs add miller and Harding together and you have a tandem

  • Mike Flynn

    Granlund or couple from the wild Schwartz or rattie from the blues that’s all I hope for

  • Mike Flynn

    Coyle not couple

  • jimbobv2

    I’ll believe that Miller has been traded when I see it. With the team in Pittsburgh, I doubt they have a press conference to announce something like this.

    Someone in the media would have this all over Twitter as soon as the trade call happened, or before.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      yup, all speculation at this point in time

      • jimbobv2

        Buffalo Sabres ‏@BuffaloSabres 5m
        Looks like it’ll be Ryan Miller between the pipes tonight. #sabres -CR

        That should kill the rumor about a presser today….

        • Caitlin Campbell

          It was some early morning news I heard about

          • jimbobv2

            This isn’t news. This is people with too much time on their hands causing internet traffic without basis in fact.

            Murray told Harrington a few days ago nothing was imminent because other GMs were just finding out who is available and that they didn’t want to trade this far out from the deadline due to injury risk.

      • Thomas Eric

        From what I keep reading I’m seeing a first round Danny heatly just as a contract dump to take on millers contract and then granuland or coyle I could see this because backstrom has been declining Harding is the better goaltender but due to his MS can’t constantly rely on him interesting to see if or what st.louis counter offers

  • james1968

    I’ll be impressed with Murray if he nets the rumered returns from either the Blues or the Wild, and manages to trade him before the Olympics. For Ryan’s sake I hope he goes to the Blues. It would be a great chance for him to win a cup.

    • Jes

      Guarantee he signs with Blues in the offseason even if he isn’t traded there this season.

      • Thomas Eric

        I could see him and vanek going to wild 90% chance if vanek doesn’t resign in ny he goes to the wild

  • jimbobv2

    The Wild’s beat writer just destroyed the Miller to Minnesota “rumor”:


    There is absolutely no truth to the “report” that the Wild made an offer for Ryan Miller.

    Further, they’re not even pursuing a goalie right now. They’re going to get through the Olympic break and evaluate what’s a need.

    And I can’t believe this needs reporting, but the Wild are “absolutely not” trading Charlie Coyle or Mikael Granlund I’ve been told.

    Right now the price tag is too high for Miller and the Wild don’t want to pay a big price for a rental. They know they wouldn’t re-sign him.

    Lastly, let’s consider the source next time before freaking out. If someone writes for a website that starts with “fan,” probably just that.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      If you went to all this trouble to dispel a rumour from a site that is supposed to report rumours and such then there’s not much else to say. Also unless your beat writer is in the room with the GM he doesn’t know if there was any offer made from the Wild

      • jimbobv2

        It was no trouble at all.

        It took like 10 seconds to copy and paste.

        You went through more trouble writing an article based on a freelance writer throwing something out there.

        And as far as Graff not knowing, I have a feeling that a beat writer might have a better source than a freelance writer. Plus, big timers like Bob MacKenzie were saying there was nothing imminent on the Miller front and they had no idea where this rumor came from.

        And the other rumor on a deal waiting for the Stadium Series games to pass to announce a Sabres trade…..

        Still waiting….

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