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Poll: Do the Buffalo Sabres Trade Both Ryan Miller And Jhonas Enroth?

The other day our Editor, Tim, wrote a great article about the Buffalo Sabres upcoming decisions between the pipes. If you read the article, and you should have, then you know that Tim suggested the Sabres trade 2 goalies in hopes of bringing the next franchise guy to the crease sooner rather than later. Why delay the inevitable no? I don’t want to spoil the article for you, but Tim suggests the Buffalo Sabres should trade back-up Jhonas Enroth as well as Ryan Miller at the deadline.

If we’re counting up rumours, I think Ryan Miller has been traded 200 times, in 500 different deals with all 30 teams at least once this season. That’s just the way the rumours work. However if you put any stock into those rumours chances are Miller will indeed be traded at some point by March 5th.

The rumour mill surrounding Jhonas Enroth on the other hand has been fairly quiet as one could expect. As far as anyone

knows Tim Murray and the Buffalo Sabres aren’t in the market to trade Enroth, so little rumours make sense. While there have been many rumours surrounding the Sabres back-up, there have been some floating around the interwebs suggesting that the Winnipeg Jets might be in the market for an Enroth type of goaltender.

The Buffalo Sabres truly don’t know what they have in Jhonas Enroth as of yet. For the last 3 season’s he’s been Ryan Miller’s back-up and while he hasn’t shown many signs proving he can be a starter, no one knows for sure. He’s gone through stretches of strong play and stretches of poor play, but he has ultimately played too sporadically for the team and fans to get a good read on what he brings to the table.

Do I think the Sabres can win a Stanley Cup with Enroth between the pipes? Probably not. However, he could be a great goalie next season as the Sabres hunt for Connor McDavid in another down year. It would be nice for fans and management to see Matt Hackett in some NHL games next season alongside Enroth, but the rest of the goalies in the pipeline are still a few season’s away from NHL playing time.

Unless the Buffalo Sabres can net a goaltender in either the Ryan Miller or Jhonas Enroth deals, it might be a bit too early to trade Enroth.

Would you be open to the Buffalo Sabres trading Jhonas Enroth as well as Ryan Miller?

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  • Mike Flynn

    Don’t think both get dealt while I want to see Hackett get some games he’s not ready to be a starter ahl or nhl I think having enroth hear for at least one more season is a must expecially since miller is getting dealt. He can take some pressure of Hackett and give us some good starts too, I like to think the enroth we saw during our playoff run a few years ago is wht he is capable of he just needs to be more consistent.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I want to see a Enroth-Hackett tandem next season to see who emerges

  • jimbobv2

    I would keep Enroth and see what he can do as a #1 next season and then decide whether to let him walk as a UFA or not.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      yup let him battle it out next season to show what he’s truly got

      • jimbobv2

        It looks like the Sabres are setting up for another battle royale in goal to see who emerges as the next #1.

        Kind of like the Marty vs Mika vs Miller mess that happened after Hasek bolted.

  • Ben Chalker

    The Islanders sure are bad in net and Enroth’s contract is quite payroll friendly…

    • Caitlin Campbell

      exactly Enroth’s contract will be pretty easy to ditch

      • Ben Chalker

        The fact that as a backup behind an historically bad team he’s better than a handful of starters around the league doesn’t hurt either ( I’m looking at you Pavlec )