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Ryan Miller Debut's Olympic Mask

The 2014 Sochi Olympics are right around the corner and today team USA goaltender and Buffalo Sabres netminder Ryan Miller debuted his mask for the Olympics via twitter.

Whether you’re the starting goaltender or just a guy who’s going to ride the bench, having a chance to have a new mask for a special event is something all goaltenders love. Most of the netminders who have participated in the outdoor games this season have all had custom masks and some even had custom pads done to bring something new. There’s just something about changing up the norm and there is no better way to do it then with goaltenders equipment.

One thing that we can take away from Ryan Miller’s mask reveal is the fact he likes the colour blue, sticking with the blue theme for his Sochi 2014 mask in addition to his normal Sabres mask and his 2010 mask.


For the most part Miller sticks with classic American symbols he used in 2010; including the hawk, the stars down the side, an updated version of Uncle Sam with an Olympic torch and the USA logo on the chin.

The back of the helmet is where we see Miller’s creativity and how he will likely be taking his family to Sochi; on his helmet. He has “Russian nesting dolls” made for his wife and their dog, puck, on the back between a clock. If you look closely at the clock you can see it’s pointing to 5 O’Clock. What time is 5 O’Clock? Why it’s Miller time of course!

Ryan Miller has a good shot at once again being the United States go-to netminder for the Olympics after he brought an underdog team USA to within one shot of winning gold. Yes, Canada was within one single shot of taking home silver. Imagine how different things would have turned out if the USA and Ryan Miller brought home gold?

Hopefully this will be the mask which helps Ryan Miller and team USA bring home a medal at the 2014 Olympics. I can’t say gold medal, I’m Canadian sorry!

What do you guys think of Ryan Miller’s mask for the 2014 Olympics?

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  • Jes

    It’s pretty cool looking. I like the the dolls on the back. I’m missing something here why is 5 o’clock Miller time? Hope Americans come in 2nd, Canadians all the way baby!!!!!

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Not sure why he chose 5 O’Clock TBH lol
      Woo CANADA!

      • Thomas Eric

        5 o’clock makes essence cause that’s when drinking begins hence miller time

        • Jes

          Ahhhh icic thanks

          • Thomas Eric

            Common phrase used on vacation it’s five o clock some where when drinking begins early or at the office on a friday

          • JHizzle75

            Where I’m from we say ” It’s noon somewhere”. Lol

        • Caitlin Campbell

          ah true! Sorry I don’t drink personally I figured it had to do with the saying It’s 5 O’Clock somewhere might as well drink but wasn’t sure

          • JHizzle75

            You don’t drink? What a crazy world we live in….lol

    • TheKaz1969

      Get off work, Miller time..?

  • Bill Stowers

    USA USA USA. Haha. I hope they meet for the gold again. That was amazing. Trully one of my favorite moments as a hockey fan.

    • JHizzle75

      Yep. Once Miller has 2 silver medals he can give one to his wife ;)

  • Bill Stowers

    Oh fun im surrounded by canadiens haha. But hey, i can live with hockey and curling being the only 2 things canada is better in than the USA. Ouch, was that cold? Well you should be used to the cold by now. Hahaha ;) jk canada is pretty cool.

  • http://www.williamtlowery.com/ William T Lowery

    That’s an eagle, not a “hawk”.