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Poll: When Will Ryan Miller Be Traded?

With the Olympic break and trade deadline looming, we’ve heard our fair share of Ryan Miller trade rumours already this week. Up until Tim Murray pulls the trigger on a deal for Miller we will continue to hear new rumours, so if the Buffalo Sabres could hurry up and make the deal that would be great.

You can bet without any trade rumours, how else would we know if Tim Murray has been working the phones getting a feel for where teams are at in terms

of Ryan Miller. He would be dumb not to be working the phone and setting some bait in the water. There has probably been some little nibbles but nothing has become imminent as of yet, and that was to be expected with the deadline over a month away.

From the St. Louis Blues to the Minnesota Wild and the New York Islanders to the Washington Capitals. Lot’s of teams have been rumoured to have interest in Ryan Miller and hopefully by the deadline one of them takes the bait and Murray can get a nice deal.

However, today we’re not going to talk about where Ryan Miller will end, we’re going to talk about when he’s going to be dealt.

With the Olympic break roster freeze just a week away, this past week has brought on a lot of talk about Miller leaving pre-Olympics. There was even some talk by Miller himself, when asked if Murray could try and work a deal out prior to him leaving for Sochi, so the trade rumours aren’t too much of a distraction for him.

Whether any of those rumours are true or not doesn’t matter. Bottom line, Tim Murray has two windows of opportunity to deal Miller. Prior to the Olympics in the next week or by the trade deadline. Which window will Tim Murray choose?

Or are you in the boat of people who believe the Buffalo Sabres will be forced to let Ryan Miller walk for nothing at the end of the season? Murray has said he won’t let Miller go for nothing, but if no one wants to play he might not have a choice.

When do you see Ryan Miller being traded? Or ultimately, will he leave the Buffalo Sabres after the season for nothing?

When Will Miller Be Dealt?

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  • qwicwted

    Its interesting but I know the Roanick crew have already crowned Quick to be the starting goalie for the US team, but I wouldn’t count Miller out at all. I believe Miller has something to prove and he is going to showcase it in Sochi. If he plays lights out – his value goes up and teams that are evaluating their goaltending such as MN and St. Lou will be influenced to do a deal. A dark horse in the race could be Nashville.

    • Jes

      No way that job is Miller’s to lose. Imagine the damage he could do on a team like the Kings. I’d take him over Quick any day of the week.

      • qwicwted

        Jes, I’m not saying Quick should start, because Miller has played balls out, I’m saying Roanick and his “crew” have given Quick the nod to start and are lobbying pretty hard for him. I would give the nod to Miller because he has played well on a lousy team but also both Quick and Howard have been injured.

        • Jes

          Oh ok I gotcha.

    • Thomas Eric

      Dude miller has had the better season quick was inconstant until January he faces 24 shots a game on average miller takes 35 on the worst team in the league give him a good defense and a team that can score and we will win gold

  • wolfdoctor

    The sooner the better. Get it over with already.

  • jimbobv2

    I have a feeling it will go down to the deadline.

  • Jes

    The sooner the better. But I feel Tim Murray’s price is waaaaay to high IMO. If he doesn’t lower his price Miller will walk for absolutely nothing. Lower the asking price to one 1st and a top prospect.

    I also heard the Wild have made an offer.

  • Yannick Cloutier

    GO.GET.GRANLUND. Please! oh and maybe a 2015 draft pick…

  • davidmuscalo

    Quick wasn’t quick enough (pun intended) to stop Chicago in the playoffs last year and has far less experience then Miller. If Miller does not start in goal for Team USA, it will be because politics trumps judgment and merit.