Jan 28, 2014; Buffalo, NY, USA; Buffalo Sabres center Phil Varone (84) celebrates after scoring his first NHL goal against the Washington Capitals during the second period at First Niagara Center. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Poll: Who Will Finish With More Goals: Phil Varone or Ville Leino?

You guys are probably getting sick of all the negative attention on Ville Leino right now, but to be honest he kind of deserves it and I really can’t help myself. If you guys want us to move on from the Ville Leino narrative or want Rich to take up the support thread again just let us know!

Leino could just score a goal to take some of the heat off and live up to his contract, or he could give the Buffalo Sabres back their money which he stole!

Anyways, back on topic. Just by taking a quick glance at the Buffalo Sabres stats this season one will quickly see that Phil

Varone already has more goals than Ville Leino in 31 fewer games and just while we’re keeping score, John Scott also has more goals than Leino. Varone has only played 4 games for the Buffalo Sabres this season, yet people are more excited about his future with the club than Leino’s.

This tweet is just further proof of the waste of money Ville Leino is in blue and gold…


Since everyone at NBC likes to remind fans about the horrible Leino contract, let’s continue to weep over the deal together in today’s poll. It’s a simple concept and you don’t have to think much, simply vote for the player you think will finish with the most goals this season. Will it be million dollar man Ville Leino or the rookie looking to prove he’s NHL worthy in Phil Varone?

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Who Ends With More Goals?

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  • Jes

    You could also make this comparison with Scott or anyone else that has 0 to 1 goals. But all in all good read CC.

    Leino is such a waste of space. I hope Tim Murray doesn’t pull a Darcy Regier and keep him and end up buying out a player that we could actually use like Regier did with Gerbe.

    • JHizzle75

      I’m thinking Leino will be bought out.
      Murray will not want Darcy’s mistakes affecting HIS team’s play. He will want to bring in players of his choice, not players he is “stuck” with. However, I would still keep Ehrhoff because I think he is a bargain at $4 mil/ season and we will need a veteran for the rookies next year.
      By the way…Varone will end up with more goals this season IMO. Lol

      • Jes

        I think you mean not to buyout Ehrhoff? But yes they shouldn’t buy him out but IMO they should trade him. Oilers and Avs would give up something good for him forward wise. From Oilers I’d target Eberle, Hall or RNH and off of Avs I’d target ROR or Parenteau. I wouldn’t mind just swapping with NYR for Girardi and sign him to a big deal. But ya IMO Ehrhoff should be traded.

        • JHizzle75

          I mentioned Ehrhoff because he is usually mentioned with Leino regarding Darcy’s free agent over-spending. I wouldn’t want to buy him out OR trade him because, as I stated, I think he is a bargain at $4 mill/season. He has been much more aggressive in the last few games and I like it, apart from a bad give-away last game.

          • Jes

            Sure the cap hit I believe is different then what he actually gets paid. If we can get Girardi or any other of the players I mentioned then I’d do it in a heart beat. Lot of Sabres fans tend to overrate the guy. Of course on a team like this even the average of players look like solid NHLers. The grade I’dgive Ehrhoff’s move so far to Buffalo would be a C-.

          • JHizzle75

            Out of curiosity, what would you give Myers and Weber for a grade ? ( This year only)

          • Jes

            Myers – B – Been better then Ehrhoff IMO even though he’s been paired with the worst of defensemen out of the two. Ehrhoff was brought into be a force offensively from the blue line and has done nothing of the sort. He shows flashes here and there but nothing to appealing IMO. I’d take many defensemen over him. Ehrhoff should be traded during the offseason. He’s one of the bargaining chips we have. Girardi is the guy we should look at to teach our youngsters. As Ehrhoff was a great mentor to Myers (Not). I’d keep Tallinder over Ehrhoff if it meant we would get one of the players I mentioned in return.

            Weber – I’d give his tenure here a Z if it was possible but a pretty bad F. Like scoring 0 out of 10 on pop quiz. The guy is the Leino of defense for our club. The sooner Leino and Weber are gone the better.

          • JHizzle75

            Z…ha ha ha ! I don’t think the Oilers would part with any of the “Big 3″, but Girardi would look good in the Blue and Gold. Pretty sure the Rangers will throw a big contract his way, though.

  • Jes

    Richard, whatever happened to those support Leino threads u had??? Lol you run out of patience???