Buffalo Sabres vs Edmonton Oilers: Reactions

It was a battle of the bottom-feeders tonight, as the Buffalo Sabres took on the Edmonton Oilers at home tonight – a 3-2 loss for Buffalo.

Personally, I was not too impressed with the Sabres. Sure, they were in the game, but giving up a goal just 30 seconds in doesn’t do much to raise the spirits. Oilers goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov ended up with an astounding 42 saves – but don’t be fooled, most of the Sabres shots were not quality chances.

Buffalo netminder Jhonas Enroth gave a middle-of-the-road performance, turning in 25 saves. This guy could give the Sabres skaters a million dollars to split if they could help him win a game at this point, and he would still lose.

Christian Ehrhoff made the knucklehead play of the game, as he tried to play a puck before fully hitting the ice. He also managed a minus 2 for the night. Fellow defensemen Jamie McBain and Alex Sulzer were generally useless tonight.

Steve Ott put in a pretty good performance, pocketing himself one goal, and nearly scoring on another that blasted the post. He also led Buffalo with 22 minutes of ice time.

The refs earned their money by robbing Marcus Foligno of what should have been the tying goal, and provided no excuse or explanation on why the goal was waved off. They blew their whistle a solid 2 minutes seconds after the puck was in the net.

Drew Stafford made his return from an injury, and did alright. He scored the Sabres only other goal. Tyler Ennis fired 6 shots on net, and had nothing to show for it. Linus Omark had a chance to prove his former team wrong for never giving him a true shot in the NHL, and blew it.

This was one of those games where Buffalo desperately needed a true scoring leader, someone to step up and lead the charge, but none was there. Sorry fans, but my former neighbor Ryan Callahan is not that answer. Maybe if the Sabres keep losing, Sam Reinhart or Connor McDavid will be that answer in a few years.


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  • Kevin

    Tonight’s no goal is why I hate the referee system in the NHL as opposed to other sports. To dis-allow a sure goal because the Ref was “ready to blow the whistle” is like saying “well I was ready to throw the flag” (Football). I was preparing to call you out at home (Baseball). How stupid is the NHL? Wait don’t answer that. It’s too easy. Either you blow the whistle, or you don’t, either you blew the whistle or you didn’t. You can have it both ways and say you were “preparing to”. And they should hold the Ref accountable for the blatant error on the outcome of the play or game.

    • Mike Flynn

      Totally agree this rule of ” I was about to blow my whistle so the goal doesn’t count” is totally stupid IMO the play goes until the whistle is blown no more of this intent to blow crap

    • davidmuscalo

      The rule must have been proposed by Shabyhan

  • Joe

    One question. When are sulzer or mcbain not useless? Have yey to see them not be useless the entire season

  • Kevin

    I read in another article that last night’s game the media at the game were calling it ” The Game of the Weak” LOL

  • davidmuscalo

    With Enroth in the net, the outcome of the game was a foregone conclusion.

    • Rob Dotzler

      But, but, he’s the future of the franchise!

  • Rob Dotzler

    The most important moment of this game is encapsulated in the picture offered. The gigantic, well fed Burger King. A bloated system of ineffectual rules. Just like Burger King would look like for real, not the skinny version that looks like the Uncle Sam put forth by the Koch Brothers. (This is not a political statement, I’m just pointing out the similarities of the two, giant plaster heads apparently trying to freak people out, that Burger King is from someone’s serious nightmare. “I’ve got an idea! Let’s make that an ad campaign!”. Good Lord, that was a bad idea!)