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Tim Murray Has Time To Plan With Upcoming Olympic Break

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The trade rumors really heated up last week, and Ryan Miller was once again in the spotlight for the Buffalo Sabres. Miller isn’t the only one in the headlines though, Matt Moulson reports have made there way around, and of course other NHL stars who could be moved come deadline day- Ryan Callahan is just one example.

The Olympic break starts on February 7th, and NHL general managers will be in a deep freeze, as they will not be able to make any deals until the Olympics are over – which makes complete sense. It wouldn’t be right for a player involved in the Olympics to be traded during an important part of their hockey career. Would it be just as wrong to trade them just before the start of the Olympics?

As much as I want Tim Murray to make a blockbuster deal which would ship Miller to another team, I am skeptical that it will happen in the next few days leading up to the Olympics. General managers will use the Olympics to their advantage, and Murray will be no different – he will have around three weeks to fully evaluate the roster.

What exactly does he have to evaluate? If I were him I would make a list of what I would want in return for every player on the roster, that way he can be prepared to make any and every move possible come negotiations. That is just me though, I am no GM, plus I am interested in basically trading every player on the team above the age of 27.

Once the Olympics are over, and the freeze is lifted, I full expect Murray to be active up until March 5th, 3 PM eastern time. If you are an advocate for a Buffalo Sabres fire-sale, like me, I think you will have to wait just a few weeks longer. During the press conference that Murray was announced as the new GM, he did state that the Sabres are in last place, and anyone can be on the trading block – so don’t worry, players will be moved.

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  • Jes

    I’m definitely hoping Murray’s first trade is a blockbuster and in Regier fashion a fleecing of the other team that is involved.

    Miller will definitely be trade post Olympics. Ott I believe is the only one out of the big 3 that could be traded before Olympics IMHO.

    Great read Mark.

  • David Clark

    I have no idea who Murray will or won’t be trading; however, I definitely know who I am hoping he acquires from the various teams that have been mentioned in rumors in recent weeks. I’m just holding out hope for young players who are on the verge or already NHL-ready… draft picks are nice to sweeten the pot, but they’re such a crapshoot most of the time.