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Buffalo Sabres Dodged The Thomas Vanek Bullet

It appears Darcy Regier did something right before he was let go earlier this season in trading Thomas Vanek to the New York Islanders. After news broke that Thomas Vanek turned down a big contract from the Islanders, it was hard not to smile and say “he’s not our problem.”

It’s long been rumoured that Vanek would like to join the Minnesota Wild through free agency. He attended high school there, lives there with his family in the offseason, his wife is a Minnesota native and former Buffalo Sabres teammate and captain Jason Pominville is with the Wild. Thomas Vanek seems to have his heart set on joining the Wild and won’t let money get in the way of that.

Yesterday news broke that the Islanders had offered Vanek something similar to his current contract – 7 years $50 million – and turned it down.

While it’s not a huge bust for the Islanders who will get something for Thomas Vanek come the trade deadline, it definitely

has to be a disappointment considering they gave up Matt Moulson who was John Tavares‘ right hand man. While the Islanders will net a return, it will be substantially less with other GM’s knowing Vanek won’t resign.

Whether the Buffalo Sabres resign Matt Moulson matters not, right now. They landed two draft picks in the Vanek deal, and if they do decide to trade Moulson they could easily land another 2 picks. Now, I don’t want to think too far forward, but imagine if the Vanek deal, done by Regier, becomes the key in landing Connor McDavid?

If Vanek is truly unwilling to stay with the Islanders, it’s more than likely he would have ditched the Buffalo Sabres no matter how much money they threw at him. This is the perfect example of the fact money doesn’t always talk when it comes to athletes; Some want the money while others want the right destination.

Tim Murray can send Regier a thank you card for taking care of Thomas Vanek, imagine if Murray had 4 upcoming UFA’s to deal with right now?

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  • Jes

    Vanek’s a drama queen. He’s obviously joining Minnesota.

    It’d be hilarious if both Miller and Vanek went to Minnesota to be reunited with there good friend Pominville.

    Like I’ve said before players say shit like oh I want to stay here and end up going back on there own words. Happens 90% of the time.

    Good read CC.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      I honestly think Miller, Vanek and Pommers will all reunit in Minny haha it would almost be poetic justice.
      Thanks for the read

      • Dano

        What would be even more hilarious is if they made it to the cup. Not win it, just make it there.

  • Joe

    Darcy didnt do it right he only traded him because vanek turned down the rediculous contract regier offered him

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Still managed to get a solid return for a guy who was never going to resign anywhere he didn’t want to