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Poll: Is Christian Ehrhoff A Part Of The Future Blue Line?

In terms of non-rookie defencemen, one could argue that Christian Ehrhoff has been having the best season on the Buffalo Sabres blue line. Judging by our fan picks most people go into games fully expecting him to score or put up points every night and that’s a great sign.

Every defencemen has his off nights, but for the most part Ehrhoff has been reliable on the back end this season. He has played the majority of the season paired with Mark Pysyk, who’s game seems to compliment Ehrhoff’s. In his two seasons with the Buffalo Sabres Ehrhoff has really developed into a two-way defenceman; Is he a top 10 defenceman in this league? No, but he provides the Sabres with good defence and some much needed offence.

Ehrhoff leads all Buffalo Sabres defencemen with 24 points and is only a -9, which is good when you consider how many

goals the Sabres allow a night. His advance stats are also pretty telling. He leads all defencemen who have played 20 games with a 47% Corsi rating and a Shots For of 46.9%, which relates to his ability to keeps his opponents shots to a minimum when he’s on the ice. He also leads the team in ice time netting just under 40% of the game between 24-26 minutes a night.

Perhaps the best part about Christian Ehrhoff is the fact he is already signed long-term – at just $4 million a season – until 2021. He’s not a guy Tim Murray will have to worry about hitting free agency any time soon, and at 31, it’s unlikely he plays out his full contract. If the Buffalo Sabres want to keep him, he is locked up long-term. However, the long-term and cap friendly contract could make him a valuable chip going forward.

He’s likely not going to be in the run for any Norris trophies in the near future, but his strong defencive play can help steady an unstable blue line. If a team like the Edmonton Oilers needs a veteran defenceman, then Ehrhoff is a great guy to go after.

While Christian Ehrhoff seems like the perfect fit for the Buffalo Sabres blue line, the Sabres system is filled with defencive prospects. Mark Pysyk, Nikita Zadorov, Rasmus Ristolainen and Chad Ruhwedel are all guys ready to take that next step on the Sabres blue line. Following them is Jake McCabe and the possibility of landing Aaron Ekblad. Add to the mix Tyler Myers, who may very well become expendable, and the Buffalo Sabres have one very crowded blue line moving forward.

Veteran presence on the blue line is key, especially when you have Pysyk and Ruhwedel, who play a very mature and responsible presence that just shows up from game to game.

If you’re Tim Murray, is Christian Ehrhoff in your future plans going forward?

Is Christian Ehrhoff Apart of the Sabres Future?

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  • Mike Flynn

    If you could get a great return on him I say deal him, because he’s signed to a long contract but at a very reasonable 4mill cap hit I’d keep him unless you get a great return if love to deal him to the oilers for yak or their first rounder.

    • Jes

      No way to Yakuppv. Only way I bring in Yaks is if Grigorenko is here full time.

      This is what I’d do…

      Ehrhoff and Risto for the Oilers 1st

      Draft Bennett and Ekblad with our pick and the pick we get from the Oilers.

      Then if the Isles choose not to defer do everything to move up to take Dal Colle. If he isn’t available I’d take Nylander or Kapanen.

      • Mike Flynn

        Could help fire up grigo bringing in yaks not to high on trading ristolienin either

      • Caitlin Campbell

        I’d only trade Risto if we take Ekblad… if not I’d trade Myers. But other than that I like your plan

        • Jes

          Hell no on trading Myers. Ristolainen is the guy I’d trade. I honestly do not think he’d be a good NHLer IMO. Especially not a top 8 pick caliber defender. Zadorov will be the better one.

          Myers is the blue chip of our future defense.

          • JHizzle75

            What are you basing your opinion regarding Risto on? He’s only played a handful of games, isn’t it a little soon to say he’s not an NHL player? If you’re going to defend Grigo, as you have many times, shouldn’t you also apply the same logic regarding Risto ?

          • Jes

            Lol good ol’ JHizzy at least read the post before you start posting on it. Did I say he’s not going to be a NHL player? NO. I simply said he’s not as good as everyone is saying he will be. I believe he was overhyped in the draft and will be even more overhyped because of the golden goal. And we should cash in. If we get Ekblad then it’s an easy decision trade Risto. And if you could get Ekblad for Risto and Ehrhoff then you do it, plain and simple.

            It’s funny people all but gave up on Grigorenko 10 games in but to give up on Ristolainen this early is a no no? Ya ok makes a whole lot of sense (Sarcasm).

          • JHizzle75

            Ok that was an error on my part, you said GOOD NHL player, not just NHL player. I still stand by my point…if you’re defending Grigo when he hasn’t played enough games in the NHL to truly evaluate his ability, you can’t say Risto has shown you enough to say he’s not going to be a good NHL player. Also, why not just Ehrhoff for the Oilers first round pick? Instead of throwing Risto in there Buff could give them Weber….lol
            Appreciate the ” Good ol’ JHizzy” at the start of your post…maybe you don’t think I’m such a bad guy after all. Lol

          • Jes

            Ehrhoff for a top two pick? Hmmm I don’t think MacTavish would be that stupid lol. Ehrhoff I doubt would get you a top 10 pick to tell you the truth. What about Ehrhoff, Pysyk and McNabb for the Oilers first instead of Risto? Oilers get 3 very good defensemen. 2 of which haven’t even fully developed. This deal would look good for the Oilers as they are looking for shutdown type D and I believe McNabb and Pysyk both provide that. Add a top defenseman like Ehrhoff to the package then I believe they could get it done. Throw a 2nd rounder in it since Oilers lack a 2nd and 3rd in this years draft then I believe you`d have a done deal. Maybe something like…

            To Buffalo – 1st rounder

            To Edmonton – 2nd Rounder, Ehrhoff, Pysyk and McNabb

            Of course man you one of my favorite guys on here. And that’s real talk.

          • JHizzle75

            Thanks, Jes. I always enjoy your posts… I mean I don’t always agree with you but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect your opinions;)
            I think Ehrhoff and a couple 2nds might do it… How many first rounders do they need anyway ?
            Obviously they would pick Ekblad if they won the lottery, so I don’t think they would make this trade. But, if Buffalo won the lottery and made it clear to the Oilers they intend to pick Ekblad, maybe Edmonton would do it ?
            Pysyk, McNabb and Ehrhoff seems like a lot for a guy who hasn’t played an NHL game yet.

  • qwicwted

    Ehroff has a reasonable salary, but if you can get a top 6 for him, why not. We have a lot of good prospects in the pipeline just itching to be called up. IMO I would be listening to any offer for any player except our youngsters.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      If we can get someone a little younger then for sure

  • Jes

    He will bring in a good return. He doesn’t belong here since the get go. His cap hit is great but the amount of cash he’s gotten paid thus he’s not worth. He is supposed to be a PP specialist, got to tell you something I’ve seen none of that since he’s been here. Have we ever not been in the bottom 5 for PK% since he’s been here? JW… Trade him and trade him now. Teams like Edmonton and Colorado would kill for this guys cap hit going forward. I would like to see him traded. I’d like to bring in Girardi in his place during the offseason.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      If Edmonton comes calling I hope Murray entertains them for a deal

  • JHizzle75

    Maybe Detroit could use him? I’d take Tatar for Ehrhoff.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Hmm yeah maybe Detroit could be a mystery team- hadn’t thought much about them

  • Thomas Eric

    I’d trade him for prospects and 2015 first round

    • Rob Dotzler

      Of course a first rounder and prospects sounds great. I just don’t see that kind of a deal would happen. If he’s worth that, I think his contract would be reflective of it. Still, I would rather he be here than elsewhere personally.

      • JHizzle75

        I agree. When Sabres fans talk about how terrible Weber is they usually mention his +- , but Ehrhoff is a respectable -9 and I don’t see many people talking about that.
        Sure it’s a minus, but on a team in last place with trouble scoring who wouldn’t be ???? He plays over 20 minutes a game and would be valuable on any team. Wouldn’t trade him unless there was an NHL ready player, and a very good one, coming in return. Definitely wouldn’t trade him for draft picks.

        • Jes

          +/- is more of a team stat as is the corsi number. You have to pay more attention to the way they play rather then those two stats. Weber’s horrible player. But Myers and Ott are ranked 818 and 819 out of 821 players in the worst plus minus in the league only Weber and Yakupov beat them out. But those players are huge for this team. So ya that +/- stat is way over used as is a players corsi. Ehrhoff should be traded for the first deal that makes sense comes along.

          • Rob Dotzler

            Right, “that makes sense”. Not something exactly common among GM’s in the NHL. That’s the one place Darcy was able to get right, on a rare occasion or two. He should have been retained as head of scouting. (I don’t think his pride would have taken too much of a hit)

          • JHizzle75

            I don’t put a lot of stock into +- either, Jes. My point was that when people trash Weber they bring his minus stat up, but yet they don’t give Ehrhoff kudos in the same breath. I’m not saying you’re one of those people,Jes.

  • davidmuscalo

    I vote yes, but it is a qualified yes. Ehroff is a Regier acquisition and Murray may want to move for that reason.