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Report: Buffalo Sabres Nearly Traded For Tyler Seguin?

Sometimes the hockey world is just unfair and this is most definitely one of those times. We just released an article thanking Darcy Regier for getting rid of Thomas Vanek and now we have to take back our thank you to Regier for letting Tyler Seguin fall through his fingers last season.

According to a report from the Buffalo News, the Buffalo Sabres and Boston Bruins were in strong trade talks concerning a package deal for Tyler Seguin and Thomas Vanek. The talks took place during the draft last June and ultimately fell apart before any deal could be made. What an opportunity missed for the Buffalo Sabres!

What is the Buffalo Sabres most glaring need? A number one centre of course. When Tyler Ennis is your number one

centre and Zenon Konopka is your best face-off guy, it’s not hard to imagine why your team is in 30th place. Landing Tyler Seguin would have sewn up the hole for the number one centre spot the Sabres so desperately need to fill.

Having that number one centre wouldn’t have been enough to push the Sabres back into the playoff battle, instead it would have been a key piece they need going forward. Had Regier pulled the trigger on this deal it would have been a major blockbluster move that the hockey world would still be talking about. Instead they can’t stop talking about the Ville Leino contract.

While the draft is the primary source for obtaining your future, until they play in the NHL a team knows not what they have in a player. Tyler Seguin on the other hand is already a proven player and the trade to the Dallas Stars really forced him to get his act in line, same thing could have happened in Buffalo.

This is the collective reaction from a lot of fans after hearing Darcy Regier could have landed Tyler Seguin in a trade, is this your reaction?

If you want to look at the bright side of this failed non-trade, if Regier had pulled off the deal he might still be the GM of the Buffalo Sabres right now and that’s really scary. Regier’s inability to pull off risky moves is a large reason why he is no longer the Sabres GM and why the Buffalo Sabres find themselves in the position they currently are. Hopefully Tim Murray will be more willing to take risks.

What do you think of Darcy Regier’s inability to land Tyler Seguin from the Boston Bruins in exchange for Thomas Vanek and a roster player?

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  • Jes

    He would’ve never been traded to a divisional rival like the Sabres. We had no chance IMO of ever landing him. Just like when Edmonton offered much more for Corey Schneider then the Devils offered but the Van City had to turn it down because of the divisional matchup’s are so important. So ya never a chance of Seguin coming here.

    • jimbobv2

      There are legit sources saying that the two GMs started kicking around a deal that centered around Seguin for Vanek but the deal never came really close to happening.

      The big missing part is what GM walked away.

      Did Chiarelli scare Regier off by asking for Vanek & Girgensons or did Regier offer Vanek & Foligno and Chiarelli passed?

      If Regier offered Vanek & Foligno and Chiarelli passed because he preferred to send Seguin out West, there is nothing to lament here.

      • Jes

        What legit sources are you talking about? Anyone of the Buffalo News would try to make shit up just for a read. They’ve been right on shit like this 0 times in the past and highly unlikely they are right on it this time.

        Unless Regier comes out and said he offered a deal or a deal was offered to him for Vanek/Seguin like Chiarelli did with the Iggy situation at the trade deadline last season this is obviously just made up crap.

        Eklund always mentions shit like “Oh my sources within the (NHL Team) are telling that this or that has been offered” but in the end it’s all hogwash, as usual.

        • jimbobv2

          Pierre LeBrun asked around about this and he said that talks did take place but the deal never came close to happening.

  • Mike Flynn

    For all we know cherelli wanted vanek girgensons and bufs first rounder maybe regier did mess up we will never know I agree with jes no way boston deals him in conference let alone the same division

  • JHizzle75

    I could definitely see Boston wanting Vanek, he was a one-man wrecking crew against the Bruins! I don’t think even Darcy would have been dumb enough to trade him to Boston, though. Lol

  • Cory Buck

    I never would have thought they’d trade Kessel within the division either. And yet.