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Poll: Was That Ryan Miller's Last Home Game?

I don’t know if you happened to catch the scene at the end of last night’s game as the final buzzer sounded with Ryan Miller or not, a lot of broadcasts ended their feed. I’ll break down for y’all what I saw after the game which left me broken hearted. As the buzzer sounded and the Buffalo Sabres players came to give Miller a little tap, he skated right by them failing to acknowledge them with a blank look on his face that screamed “get me out of here.”

After and during the game twitter was flowing with tweets like these;

What’s the common theme that all these tweets have? The fact Ryan Miller may never play another game at the First

Niagara Center as a member of the Buffalo Sabres. Obviously there are still 3 more home games for the Buffalo Sabres before the trade deadline, however, the way last night’s game ended and the utter demoralization of Ryan Miller why would he want to play for these guys again?

They knew what was at stake, with Miller’s Olympic coach keeping a close eye on him throughout the game from the opposing teams bench, and they completely forgot to show up.

With the trade deadline so close and this season all but over, Sabres are already mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, it’s no wonder Ryan Miller is done with the Sabres. He see’s the light at the end of his tunnel and is truly hoping a deal is made soon.

For fans who have been watching Miller for the last 13 season’s, it’s a tough realization; however, he may have played his last home game in blue and gold.

What do you think, was that his last home game for the Buffalo Sabres or will be back?

Have We Seen Ryan Miller's Last Home Game?

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  • Mike Lach

    I am a firm supporter of the keep miller campaign. However I am realistic he will not be back as our management has yet to discuss extensions with him (to our knowledge anyway). That being the case the rebuilding mode dictates you MUST get something in return for losing Miller not letting him leave at season end. I think Murray wants to move Miller by the roster freeze but I believe the right offer has not yet been offered and when he feels it is he will pull trigger. My hope is St Louis makes offer with Jaskin or Rattie and picks and Murray accepts. However I read that St Louis has dropped from contention to MIN and WAS.

    • Jes

      If it’s Washington I’d want Kuznetsov. The guy is going to be a star in the NHL.

  • jimbobv2

    He’ll be in net for the Sabres when they play the Canes on the 25th.

  • qwicwted

    It was a pretty sad effort and my thoughts during the game is that we have a bunch of AHL players playing against one of the #1, if not the #1 team in the NHL. At this point, I would rather see our youngsters – Risto, Zadorov, McNabb, McCabe, Armia, Catenacci and Larsson play rather than McBain, Scott, Ellis et al. We may be the hardest working team under Nolan, but the talent just isn’t there. If we’re gonna lose, at least let our youngsters get NHL experience.
    One thing I will say is I like the way Stafford has come along under Nolan and I think he could have a 20 goal season – which would be quite an accomplishment based on his past few years and the fact that he plays for a team that spends more time in its own end.

    • Jes

      The hardest working team thing under Nolan is just total BS. Like I’ve said before the guys a horrible head coach IMO anyway. Should have pounced on Laviolette.

  • Jes

    I really want to see Miller skating by his teammates argggggg. Must have pissed off some of the other players on the team that he did that. He’s usually a drama queen so I’m not surprised he did that. But whatever I am hoping he is gone before the trade freeze but I think we will have to wait until the deadline.