Buffalo Sabres Daily Dashboard February 8th

The 2014 Sochi Olympics are officially underway in what is the most exciting time of year for a lot of sports fans. I personally am a big fan of the Winter Olympics and will be catching every moment of Olympic action I can. What event interests you the most?

While the Buffalo Sabres are finished until the 25th there are still some games going down today and tonight around the NHL which you wont want to miss.

Which NHL teams are welcoming the Olympic break as a nice break to get their team some rest for the playoffs? [Bleacher Report]

Ever wonder what Zdeno Chara and a figure skater might look like side by side? This would also be what I looked like compared to Chara as I stand 4 foot 11. [Twitter]

Lot’s of last minute injuries to key Olympic players such as Mikko Koivu happening as the Olympics open up. [USA Today]

Tim Murray is sticking to the rebuilding plan searching for draft picks in return for players this trade deadline. However he is more interested in 2015 picks than 2014, Connor McDavid might have some reason to do with that. [Fansided]

The Buffalo Sabres are certainly not a playoff team but maybe they could still benefit from the Olympic break. [CBS Sports]

Can Alex Ovechkin lead the Russian Mens hockey team to a gold medal on their home ice? His head coach is hoping so. [Pro Hockey Talk]

The attitude towards women in sports still isn’t as good as it could be, however it’s slowly improving. The Olympic committee believes the Women’s hockey portion will be key in changing those opinions. [Globe and Mail]

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