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Ryan Miller The Man Between The Pipes For Team USA?

Team USA is less than 48 hours away from their first Olympic game in Sochi and they still have yet to name a netminder. The competition is between Stanley Cup winning netminder Jonathan Quick and 2010 Olympic MVP Ryan Miller. In all honesty, it’s a great situation for the US mens hockey team to have, no matter who you start you know there’s a capable guy ready to step up when called upon.

While Dan Bylsma the head coach of team USA has yet to publicly announce his starter nor his plans for the netminders, he has already made up his mind on who will be the guy between the pipes. He has yet to tell Miller or Quick his decisions, but he hinted at who has the upper hand to the media today.

“We’ve had a goalie play real well all year long, and we’ve had two goalies that have had injuries that have come back in the last month or so. You might have some ideas in the summertime. This year, we let it play out.” ~ Coach Dan Bylsma- quote from Twin Cities

Ryan Miller has had the benefit of staying healthy on the worst team in the league while Jonathan Quick has missed 24

games behind one of the best teams in the league. In a tournament like the Olympics, having a guy who is healthy and delivers night after night is a necessity. When it comes to health Ryan Miller has the upper hand.

“We’ve seen all our goalies play really well, and we’ve seen Ryan play the whole year and do very, very well on a team that’s struggling.” ~ Coach Dan Bylsma

Say all you want about Ryan Miller’s numbers and his inability to deliver, but what he’s been able to do for the Buffalo Sabres over the last 12 seasons and how well he’s playing in this poor season has earned him a ton of respect around the league. Team USA GM Brian Burke referenced Miller’s strong play despite having one of the worst goaltending jobs in the league and again Bylsma referenced it when deciding on his starter.

There are very few goaltenders who could play at the level Miller has on such a horrible team consistently and that has earned Miller a lot of respect and might just help Tim Murray and the Buffalo Sabres come trade deadline day.

With Miller you know you’re going to get an honest effort, there is only one Ryan Miller and that’s the guy from Vancouver 2010. With Jonathan Quick you don’t know which Quick will show up; the guy who won his team a Stanley Cup or the guy who’s been struggling this season?

Miller is focused on getting back to the gold medal match and bringing home the gold which escaped him in 2010 and it appears Dan Bylsma is going to ride Ryan Miller to the gold medal.

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  • Jes

    One Ryan Miller?

    We haven’t had the same Ryan from 2010 until this season. Truth is we see Miller’s good side when a contract year comes a long or the Olympics are around.

    He should get the starters job. Guy does deserve that for what he did for USA in Van City. If he doesn’t work out then you put in Quick. Howard shouldn’t even be on the team. Doubt he will get a start.

  • JHizzle75

    Hope Miller gets the starters role and plays lights out like 2010. Maybe get more teams in the Miller sweepstakes that might be on the fence right now.
    Hate to see him go but if he has to Buffalo better get something substantial for him.
    On the flip side, if Miller starts and chokes it might make potential trade partners second guess acquiring him, but I can’t see that happening.

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  • Jes

    Hey CC I seen that the City of Edmonton is getting a new stadium, how long does one team go along for until they get a new arena?
    I dunno if that’s a stupid question…

  • Joe

    Theyve announced quick is syarting tomorow which to me is a slap in the face to the returning mvp from 2010 since the us wouldnt have medaled without him

    • JHizzle75


    • Jes

      Ya that is horrible… Pissed off about that…

      Miller starts next game though, so hopefully Miller out shines Quick and gets the bulk of the load and raises his trade value.

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