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Buffalo Sabres Daily Poll: Who Goes First?

The Buffalo Sabres have some hard (or maybe easy) decisions to make now that the Olympic roster freeze is over.  With three unrestricted free agents on the roster – who do they move first?

Steve Ott has been vocal about wanting to stay in Buffalo.  As a member of the Buffalo Sabres he is in a hockey market; he loves the area for his family and he loves the team from the ownership to the fans.  As a top line forward it doesn’t make sense to keep Steve Ott, but can the Buffalo Sabres get a deal done that keeps Ott on a roster spot worthy of his play to keep the locker room motivated?

Matt Moulson has no emotional connection to the Buffalo Sabres, coming over to the team in a trade that saw long time Sabres scorer Thomas Vanek.  As a member of the lowly New York Islanders he has seen his fair share of time on a team at the bottom suffering through a rebuild.  He most likely doesn’t want to stick around to see it play out again.

Ryan Miller is the biggest name of the three.  Buffalo is likely holding this card close to the vest; looking to get the most out of him.  Could teams be shying away from trading anything for Ryan Miller knowing the cost is going to get very prohibitive to resign him?  Ryan Miller likely wants to be the highest paid goaltender.  There are few teams that can afford that and need a goaltender – and the ones that do, aren’t in a much better place than Buffalo.

So – who goes first?

Which Unrestricted Free Agents Leaves Buffalo First

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  • Mike Flynn

    As long as we get good returns I don’t care where they go or who goes first would love to send moulson to la for toffoli

    • Kevin

      Another Tyler yay! :)

    • David Clark

      It is going to tear my heart out if the Islanders get Toffoli for Vanek… instead of Buffalo getting him for Moulson!

      • Jes

        To little cap space to get Vanek IMO.

    • Jes

      Doubt you can get Toffoli straight up for Moulson. Probably have to give up a draft pick or two.

  • David Clark

    Miller to Blues for Stewart, Rattie and a 1st round pick… I think a deal with the Blues happens before the others because Halak made it clear at the Olympics that they can’t trust him for a long playoff run.

  • Jes

    My pick is Moulson.

    Moulson, 2nd and 4th rounder for Toffoli

    Ott will be the 2nd one traded. I believe it’ll be to the Sens for a 1st rounder in next years draft.

    Miller will be dealt no earlier then the trade deadline. Murray if smart has to let a bidding war begin and that’ll happen closer to the deadline.

    Miller + retained salary for Halak, Stewart, Rattie or Jaskin.

  • qwicwted

    I see Moulson going to Pitts to complement Sid, Miller to St. Louis for Stewart and Rattie or Miller to MN for Granlund or Coyle and we could see Ott go to LA but return at seasons end. I also can see Ehrhoff and Grigorenko being traded for ROR. The next few days should be fun.

    • Sean McGrath

      Miller won’t go to St. Louis, not when they have a solid 1,2. Moulson could go to Pitt, but I honestly think he will go way west, like Anaheim. I LOVE your hope for Ehrhoff and Grigo for ROR, though I am not sure they want to take a risk with Grigo even though Roy was his coach. For sure these next days will be interesting!