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Buffalo Sabres Daily Poll: The Steve Ott Scam

Could the Buffalo Sabres try and pull the wool over the eyes of the other general managers?

The Sabres are in full rebuild mode with no one on the roster safe if the right move comes along to give Tim Murray the chance to make this team better.

Only problem is – two of the three unrestricted free agents want to stay in Buffalo.  Both Steve Ott and Matt Moulson have said they would welcome the chance to be apart of the something that is going on.  Ott has been much more vocal about the point and for longer.

So – can the Buffalo Sabres trade Steve Ott now for parts to be named later – only to have the winger leave his family here for the remainder of the season, knowing their is a contract with his signature on it to return to the Nickel City on July 1?

Sure it could happen to Moulson as well – but I think Ott just has that mindset of – ok, you want to be good, and I want to stay here, I will sign on the dotted line, but don’t fax it to the league until you trade me and July 1 rolls around.

Would you be on board with a Steve Ott trade and resigning?  Even if he gets blown out of the water on July 1 and he ends up not coming back – what have you lost?

Trade Steve Ott only to re-sign him July 1?

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  • wolfdoctor

    Why would he have to sign a contract in advance? Just tell him we want him back. Sign him over the summer if he’s still interested.

  • Kevin

    If he is really dedicated to Buffalo, then it would be like stealing whatever we get for him. I say go for it. Take the chance. Captains don’t last long in Buffalo anyway. It’s a curse.

  • CD

    Blackhawks could use him. We will give you Ben Smith or 2nd rounder. Deal?

    • Jes

      For Ott? Lol yup right away buddy. Ott will land us a first no problem.

      • Rob Dotzler

        What, you don’t have a training staff member to let go for Ott? Maybe some pucks and sticks? Sorry CD, he’s a valued commodity right where he is. Not a knock (well, not much of one) on Ben Smith. Sure, he won the Cup, after a whole week in the bigs.

  • Jes

    Is that even a loud? Like have a contract in place for Ott to come back and sign when he hits free agency?

    Also yes Moulson and Ott have said they want stay here but that really doesn’t mean anything. They basically said what most UFA’s to be say about their current teams. And that is ….

    “I want to stay here. I believe the (Insert Team) are on the right track.”

    • Timothy Redinger

      I doubt its allowed and no team or player would ever agree to it – that wasn’t really the point-the principle of the idea is what I was getting to.

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  • qwicwted

    It wouldn’t be ethical, but maybe it has happened before. I have no problem trading Ott or Moulson and then resigning them. I think for some teams they are looking at them as pure rental players – so no harm, no foul.

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