Dec 19, 2013; Buffalo, NY, USA; Boston Bruins defenseman Matt Bartkowski (43) takes a shot on goal during the third period against the Buffalo Sabres at First Niagara Center. Buffalo beats Boston 4 to 2. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Sabres - Bruins: Fan Picks!

Buffalo Sabres fans, are you ready for rivalry night?

I know, I know: rivalry might be the best word to describe this Bruins-Sabres matchup.  I’m more inclined to call it “Extreme Mismatch night,” but that doesn’t exactly pump up the ratings, now does it?  Besides, the Sabres usually find a way to play Boston tough, even if the reason for that is because Boston knows the Sabres are terrible.

Speaking of terrible, no one can claim they had a terrible night last night when it came to our picks.  Our winner was Kevin, who wound up with 39 points on the evening (plus a 25-point boost, as promised).  Meanwhile, our lowest score of the evening was 20, still a darn good outing.  Many of us were log-jammed at 27 points, which means that either I made the picks fairly easy last night, or we were all on top of our game.  Kudos goes out to newbie Alex, who scored 20 points in his very first foray into our friendly game – nice work!  Hope you keep coming back!

Here are the updated standings:

wolfdoctor – 319

JHizzle 75 – 275

Jes – 265

Rich – 264

Dano – 253

CC – 223

Andrew – 211

Darius – 174

Kevin – 118

Tonight I am doing a Wild Card edition of the Fan Picks!  Here is how it works: everyone who plays must make 5 predictions of their own.  I’ll give you 5 points for each pick you get correct, and the winner who be the reader who gets the most picks right.  Five picks is your minimum – you can go beyond five if you want, because the more picks you nail, the higher you will score!

Your picks must be Good, Fair picks!  Picking which players score, how many total shots there will be, the winning teams, the combined final score, the number of points a single player will get – etc.  These are legitimate picks.  Predicting that there will be at least one penalty called in the game or that there will be hits – general, obvious stuff like that will earn you a stern reprimand from me!  When in doubt, just recycle some of the categories I have used in these threads in the past!

I’ll provide an example, and good luck!



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  • Richard Spalding

    My picks:

    Total number of goals tonight will be over 4.5

    -Co Ho will score tonight for the Sabres

    -Moulson, as well

    - Bergeron will score for the Bruins

    - There will be between 40-45 hits in the game tonight

    - Boston will win

    - Final combined score: 6 goals

  • Dano

    “Your picks must be Good, Fair picks! ”

    - There will be fights. Konopka and Scott will be active. Ott will be yapping a LOT. *IF* Scott gets in a fight, he will get the ‘ extra ‘ penalties or ‘ phantom ‘ calls for instigating or maybe even the full on ‘ Bettman Package ‘, 2-5-10 for basically nothing.

    - Someone will be boarded, hopefully Marchant from the Bruins and it ends that Rats season.

    - Enroth will start in net.

    - Score will be 4-2 for the Bruins.

    - Hits? I’ll go with the ‘ over ‘ on 50.

    - Mike Milbury will show his ass again with absolutely idiotic comments on the ‘ rivalry ‘ broadcast to the point where Rich Spalding will say ‘ Damn! does this guy ever stop? ‘

    - I wont be there as ill be home in the pressbox with ‘ flu like symptoms ‘ ;)

    - Wolfdoctor will win this one by a margin of 10 points or more ;)

    Those are my predictions and picks ;)

    • Richard Spalding

      I knew you wouldn’t disappoint!!!!

  • JHizzle75

    Myers 1g 1a
    Lucic has a goal
    Buffalo wins 4-2
    Ennis 1g 1a
    Buffalo with more hits
    Boston with more shots. Total for both teams is between 65-70 shots

  • Caitlin Campbell

    1. Players will step on the ice
    2. We will play at least 3 periods of hockey
    hahah ok on to my serious picks
    1. Scott will be penalized
    2. Total shots will be around 62
    3. Jhonas Enroth should be between the pipes with back-to-back
    4. Ehrhoff, Hodgson, Stafford and Ott will pot goals tonight for the Sabres
    For the Bruins- Bergeon, Lucic, Paille and Erikkson
    5. Someone will leave the game due to injury
    6. Total number of combined goals will be 6
    7. Bruins win 4-2
    8. Number of hits will be somewhere between 1 and 50 lol seriously though between 44 and 49 hits.
    9. Ehrhoff will lead the offence tonight

    • Richard Spalding

      Har har! :)

      • Caitlin Campbell

        No good?

        • Richard Spalding

          You’re fine!

  • wolfdoctor

    Buffalo loses by 2 or more goals
    Moulson scores
    Marchand scores
    Iginla scores
    More than 4.5 goals scored in the game
    Boston wins 5-1
    Total shots on goal for both teams = 62 +/- 3
    Total hits both teams 56 +/- 3
    Bruins out shoot Sabres by at least 15 shots

    Moulson leaves the game early with an injury, making the front office look stupid for not having traded him yet and letting him play while he is still suffering the effects of his upper body injury.
    A pane of glass is knocked into the stands due to a hard body check along the boards.
    Ryan Miller will not play as expected. The cameraman will zoom in on him 3 times during the game.
    Ville Leino will hit the goal post during the 2nd period.
    The announcers will criticize Tyler Myers 2 or more times during the game.
    An announcer will mention that Daniel Paille was a former Sabre exactly once during the game.
    Drew Stafford will accidentally deflect a Bruins shot into his own net.

    • Richard Spalding

      Knock it off, you!!!

      • wolfdoctor

        Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

      • Jes

        Hey Rich can you check over mine to see if it falls into your guidelines?

        • Richard Spalding

          You’re good, boss! Yes, even the Bieber part! lol

          • Jes

            Anyone know if Bieber was in attendance? I want them points.

  • Jes

    Bruins Win 4-0

    1. Bruins win by 2+
    2. Marchand scores
    3. Krug scores
    4. Rielly Smith has the most points tonight.
    5. Sabres get outshot by more then 5
    6. Konopka gets into a fight.
    7. Less then 5 goals scored in tonight’s game.
    8. Marchand will have a dirty hit in the game but will not be penalized for it.
    9. Iginla scores
    10. Justin Bieber will be in attendance for some reason.

  • Kevin

    1. Bruins win by 3
    2. Chara Scores
    3. Leino scores the lone Sabres goal :D
    4. Konapka fights
    5. McCormick Fights
    6. Sabres scores on the PP
    7. Scott gets a hooking penalty
    8. Scott plays Defense again — for some reason
    9. John Scott gets a penalty for being John Scott

  • Darius

    The Sabres will win
    Sabres starting goalie will have a higher save percentage than the Bruins’
    Hodgson will lead in points by the end of the night
    Attendance will be more than 18,000 people
    Myers will go down with an injury
    The Sabres will score exactly 4 goals
    The game will start at exactly 7:05PM EST
    First Niagra Center will have a power outage at some point in the game
    John Scott will have to suit up in the goal after each goalie goes down with an injury
    Matt Moulson will be traded mid-game
    Hodgson will have a hat trick
    Syracuse Basketball player Tyler Ennis will accidentally show up to the game thinking he was the Sabres Tyler Ennis and then have a long car ride home

    • Richard Spalding

      Holy crap, everyone is a comedian around here! :0

  • Alex Janus

    Sabres will lose..Breaking their undefeated post Olympic streak
    It will be in overtime
    Score will be 5-4
    The Sabres will be shorthanded 4 times
    Boston will heavily outshoot us, totalling around 40 shots
    Someone will take a retaliation penalty for going after Ott
    Moulson-Ennis-Stafford will be on the ice for 3 Sabres goals
    Between periods Boston will change goalies to an equipment manager to make the game more fair for Buffalo
    There will be tons of hits, and that’ll be the only category the Sabres win on the scoresheet
    Mike Weber will be on the ice for every Boston goal
    We will miss Miller already

    • Alex Janus

      “Tons of hits” was a fairly obvious statement..I’d restate as 54 hits

      • Richard Spalding

        Thanks, Alex!