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Trade Or Sign: What Will Happen With Ryan Miller?

There are a lot of things I don’t like doing. Washing dishes, cleaning my room, doing home work, watching team USA beat team Canada- wait that never happens- and cheering for the Toronto Maple Leafs. However, not knowing an outcome of something and the anticipation around said event, is something I detest the most. It’s the exact situation I’m in right now ahead of the March 5th trade deadline as the Buffalo Sabres ponder the fate of Ryan Miller.

With each game leading up to March 5th I get a little more sentimental knowing that any game could be Ryan Miller’s last

as a member of the Buffalo Sabres. In addition to waiting for the trade deadline and not knowing what will happen, I also dislike all the trade rumours that lead up to the deadline. Boy have we seen our fair share of Miller rumours in the last 48 hours.

On Monday afternoon the rumours winds were swirling with news that the Buffalo Sabres would actively pursue trading Miller. So by Monday evening a report broke out which said, the market is slow and the Sabres would now be focusing on trying to resign Miller with the intent of trading him next season.

Before last night’s game GM Tim Murray said he believes Ryan Miller’s first choice is to leave Buffalo and since that’s the case they will be shopping him to one of the 9 teams interested. Then after last night’s win we get this beautiful quote from Miller;

The writing seems to be on the wall at this point in time. Ryan Miller wants out of town and likely won’t resign, which forces the Sabres and Murray to attempt to trade him before he walks for nothing.

We’re going to hear a million more rumours involving Buffalo Sabres goaltender ahead of the March 5th deadline. However, since I’m inpatient and it’s frustrating me, I’m asking you to vote.

What do you guys realistically see the Buffalo Sabres doing with Ryan Miller? Will they trade him, or attempt to work out a deal for a later trade or run at the cup? The market is slow and the return won’t be great, but it has to be better than letting him walk for nothing no? I’ve heard literally every angle, and now I want to know what you the fans think!

What Will Happen With Ryan Miller?

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  • Ludz

    As far as I can tell the only real option is to trade him for the best return you can get. The team is to far away from being a contender to try and make trades to get to that level in the short term.
    Realistically the team can’t promise Miller they will be making a legitimate cup run in any of the next 3 years and he will be 37 at the end of that time frame. So you can’t expect Miller to be loyal and stay just to be part of rebuild while his window closes.

  • wolfdoctor

    Trade him. I can’t imagine Miller wanting to stay. The only scenario with Miller ending up in Buffalo is if the Sabres couldn’t find a trading partner and in the off-season Miller gets no offers as a free agent and has to beg the Sabres for a job.

  • Jes

    Murray’s an idiot if his first move is to let Miller walk. God how I wish Regier accepted that deal of Halak, Oshie and a first. Believe that was the reported deal that was reportedly shot down by Regier because he wanted Rattie included in the trade.

  • lee Munn

    I agree with Jes on this one. Murray better make a move ’cause Miller is not resigning with us. I think St. Louis is the team that is one step away from a dominant team for years. If i was St. Louis I would trade J.Allan/T.Rattie & 2nd round(Edmontons 2nd pick) for R.Miller/S.Ott & Buff 5th rd. I believe this would be final thing St Louis needs. (they haveJ.Binnington coming up so they can affod to give-up Allan if Miller re-signs w/StL). . They could trade off Halak or Elliot for a draft & if Buff cover Miller’s $ that would not take them over Cap. . My guess for Moulson will be Kings for Tanner Pearson & 3rd rd(Edmontons 3rd pick)… I would love to get T.Toffoli but how well he played this year I believe he is out of our reach.