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Who Is The Next Buffalo Sabres Captain

The position of captain hasn’t really been a high point for the last three leaders of the Buffalo Sabres.  Last season saw Jason Pominville shipped to Minnesota.

This year, Thomas Vanek was traded to the New York Islanders – and now Steve Ott finds himself a member of the St. Louis Blues.

Without the “c” on his sweater – Ryan Miller has been the heart, the voice, and the determination of the Buffalo Sabres both on and off the ice.  In two short seasons, the Buffalo Sabres have shed four members of the team that have acted in a leadership role.

The question is now – who is left?  The Buffalo Sabres will most likely ride out the remainder of the season without a captain, and just rolling with the assistant captains on the roster.

Oh wait, your assistant captains may not be here next season either?  Christian Ehrhoff has submitted his no-no list of eight teams and is likely to get moved before the deadline, and Henrik Tallinder is an unrestricted free agent.  Sounds like this rebuild is going smoother than planned, without a captain at the helm of the ship – a straight crash into the rocky beach is imminent no?

It is time to do what many are probably thinking about but no one is willing to stand up and say it.

An official announcement needs to be made that Tyler Myers is the new captain of the Buffalo Sabres.

Ok, so hopefully you didn’t burn your mouth on your coffee, or worse, spit it all over your now non-working electronic device so your still reading this.

The kid has been about as unstable and unreliable as all hell since winning the Calder Trophy as rookie of the year, so why the hell pin the C on his chest (or shoulder when wearing the caped crusader jersey)?

Simple logic.  Sure the kids name has popped up in trade rumors the past couple of days, but guess what – whose name hasn’t?  Now go ask Ted Nolan what he thinks of Tyler Myers and his game.

Myers has gotten better in recent stretches of the game and if you listened to Ted Nolan after the game against the San Jose Sharks – Myers has really come into his own.  Now is the time to make a statement, hand Myers the ”C” and make this his team.  If he can play as big as he did without the additional oomph – what might the letter on his sweater do to the rest of him, it would be fitting given his contract size no?

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  • acpilkin

    I agree 100%. Who else would it be? I don’t think Ehrhoff would be good anyway. I wish that Z could get an A as well, but he’s only a rookie and needs some more seasoning first.

    • qwicwted

      Who says it can’t be a “rookie” – Girgensens has the qualities of a captain and even now before and after games he’s showing leadership – why not break the cycle and give it to him.

  • Joe

    I agree woth this and he def has shown his potential again under nolan

  • Alex Janus

    I would definitely rather see Myers with the C, but I think that Stafford and Erhoff would be in consideration as well

  • [email protected]

    Grab ye a cup o rum, and listen to me tale of a curse….a curse on the frozen sea. They call it the captain’s curse, the man whose sweater wears the ‘C’ is a man with the Sabres, he will no longer be.

    But seriously, I think it would do a lot to boost Myers growing confidence. I think he will be around for awhile, perhaps he can break the trend of captains being traded.

  • qwicwted

    Why not Girgensens? We all know he acts like a captain and he is one of the players the Sabres are building their core around.

    • Jes

      Naw, he’s way to young and a first year captain really?

    • ende

      Def captain material, but lets let it be earned. Even a caretaker C should be someone old.

  • Jes

    I believe Myers should wear the C. Guys an absolute beast. I’d give Girgensons an A next season. I’d recommend Ehrhoff but IMO he doesn’t seem very vocal.

    • ende

      If anything, Myers needs to stay away from the C. Enough of it has gone up his nose.

  • Dano

    Some will laugh at this BUT!

    I think they should give the ‘ C ‘ to Ellis. theres a few reasons why.

    - Nobody wants him in a trade.
    - He has been in leadership positions before ( AHL ).
    - He gives 100% each and every game.
    - He knows the Buffalo Organization and Locker room.

    Its pointless giving the ‘ C ‘ to someone whom may not be around much longer. 20ish games? Ellis will do fine. Its not like the rest of the season is meaningful anyway.

  • ende

    Next C will be Ott, when he re-signs in the summer.

  • jimbobv2

    Give it to Leino so he gets traded!

    • JHizzle75

      I like where your head is at. Lol

  • john masich

    I know who our next captain should be….. connor mcdavid 2015 first overall pick pull a disks and trade all of our picks for him he’ll be better than Ricky williams

  • john masich

    Ditka not disks spell check

  • john masich

    Girgesons should center between foligno and stewart

  • Peter D. Harzewski

    Stafford had many chances to step up, but never outwardly had done much. Can’t say about the locker room. Ennis has the work ethic & attitude you want from a Captain. Hodgson may be signed long term, but this isn’t his team…

  • Luca Del Mastro

    Girgensons was voted team captian for dubuque as a 17 year old with numerous 19 and 20 year olds on the team and too young?
    Has anyone seen some of the most recent captains and how young they are?
    Maybe a year later would be best but if you feel he is the best on ice worker and the guy you want to build around as your only untouchable then give it to him. He has the make up mentally and on ice skill set to do it.