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Tim Murray Flip This Player Buffalo Sabres Edition

The Buffalo Sabres finally got around to trading Ryan Miller – but who would have have thought that Steve Ott would be going with them?

In return the Buffalo Sabres got Jaroslav Halak on an expiring contract – a first round draft pick (2015) and a conditional pick.  They also picked up William Carrier and Chris Stewart.

Thinking about the trade in dollars and cents, or apples to apples in this world of theory that I like to call my brain – maybe Tim Murray is more of a genius than Darcy Regier.

Think about it, you got rid of a goalie on an expiring contract to get a goalie on an expiring contract.  Scratch move.

Then you trade Steve Ott for a prospect in William Carrier and an established player that is being sought by another seemingly good team in Stewart.  Two for one – in a rebuilding organization those are pretty good odds.  Point Sabres.

Then Tim Murray goes and does the St. Louis Blues a favor knowing they are up against the cap by keeping some of Ryan Miller’s salary.  He didn’t have to.  You just boosted your organizations image.  Point Sabres.

Oh, then before the Blues could hang up the phone – gee Mr. Murray since you were so nice to keep some of Ryan’s salary to make this happen so we have a good chance at the Cup, how about a first round draft pick and a conditional pick to sweeten the pot.  Point Sabres.

But wait – I thought the point of the rebuild was to rebuild the team through the draft and get in a core group of players that are on your side not Darcy’s?  Oh, I see, your going to flip Halak to a team that needs him as a viable backup, go La Familia on Ottawa and pull a pick and more out of the Senators for Stewart?

How many picks is Buffalo up to know in the next three years in the first two rounds alone.  Game, set, match point.

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  • Joe

    Well we need a backup for enroth as hackett is not ready for the nhl and y not keep stewart sign molaoun and go after callahan in the free agency that makes a pretty solid top line for the next 3-4 yrs

    • Jes

      Who’s molaoun lol? Lol jk I know who you mean.

  • lee Munn

    I would rather trade him & bring up Hackett for rest of year as back-up (he’s not going to hurt our chance of making playoffs this year!)(place Makarov in Roch) Then next year sign a UFA goalie (Elliot/Hiller/Gustavsson/Khudobin) ..””if Carolina still keeps Ward, I would like Khudobin as our starter!!”” And it cost us nothing in return! This would hold us for next few years until Ullmark or Makarov are ready.

    • wolfdoctor

      Actually, Lieuwen is playing much better than Hackett in Rochester. I’d rather reward him for his fine play and give him a shot in Buffalo.

      • Jes

        Yup Hackett hasn’t proven nothing so far.

      • lee Munn

        Exactly why I would rather bring Hackett up. We have to see whether it is worth re-signing Hackett or letting him go. Keep Lieuwen & Makarov in Rochester for a full year or two until Ullmark comes over & we can decide which 2 stay in Roch & who comes up to Buffalo. Yes Lieuwen has played better, but he needs at least one to two full seasons in Roch.

        • wolfdoctor

          I fail to understand your logic, because if Hackett can’t make it in Rochester, how can he be expected to perform well in the NHL? Possibly you feel Lieuwen would be better off staying in Rochester, getting playoff experience than playing in Buffalo? Is this what you have in mind – sort of like keeping Pysyk in Rochester, while playing lesser defensemen in Buffalo? Nevertheless, I’d like to see both Hackett and Lieuwen get a few starts in Buffalo to see how they perform. The season is lost anyway, why not give them both a shot.

          • lee Munn

            Yes I do feel Lieuwen needs both playoff time this year AND one full year as Rochester ‘Starter’. And ‘YES’ Hackett has not played well this year.. but since he has had a few good years in AHL & has had a little time in NHL he should get nod. At this point I would not be re-signing Hackett for next year, so we may as well play him the 5+ games in Buffalo to see if he can prove to be re-signed (what will this hurt us?). Thats all I mean.

  • qwicwted

    I would flip Halak, but keep Stewart. Stewart is exactly the type of player Nolan loves – he’s 26, has skill, is hardworking and aside from that he has played with D’Agostini so there is some chemistry. Its all well and good to stockpile draft picks, but Murray is still going to have to put players on the ice and Stewart is a good one.

  • Jes

    I’d flip both at this point. Enroth deserves to take over the reins. Stewart is heavily wanted in Ottawa.

    • Dan

      Stewart is wanted for a reason. When he was traded from Colorado in 2010-11 he was considered one of the best young power forwards in the NHL. Between St Louis and Colorado he scored 28 goals in 62 games…almost 40 goal pace for a full season. The year before he scored 64 points in 77 games. When he was traded, there was outrage within the team….it was the beginning of Paul Stastny wanting out of Colorado. With St Louis, he has found it difficult to fit into Hitchcock’s extreme version of hockey….as others have in the past. Stewart has tons of upside and 6′ 2″ 230 pound skilled players do not grow on trees. After the episode when Lucic ran Miller, he is exactly what the doctor ordered

      • Jes

        That was one season man. Boyes was also considered one of the best young players in the league going to St. Louis yet we all know how that turned out. Stewart’s hit his peak. Hitchcock and Nolan have similar coaching styles so if he didn’t fit with Hitchcock what is there to say he will fit well under Nolan? He WAS considered one of the best young PF’s in the league but not no longer IMO. He’s goof for about max 20 goals on this team. 30 on a team like Anaheim but that’s his peak. Not 40.

  • Jes

    Does anyone know if the Sabres indeed landed picks in the trade? LeBrun on TSN said if the Blues reach conference finals or resign Miller we get there 1st rounder in this years draft?

    • lee Munn

      Yes (if he signed or makes to final) But I also read that if we get their 1st this year, we give them a 2nd rd (Minnesota’s 2nd) & our 3rd. …..So in long run we would get #28 and have to give #49 & #60 …not as nice as I first read.

  • Jes


  • Doug

    Pat Lafontaine’s resignation is as troubling as it is unexpected. Murray better hope he gets his next starting goalie right….Pegula needed to put out this fire and veto the Miller trade to keep Patty in the fold for the good of the organization. The Sabre’s future just became a lot more suspect with this development.