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Buffalo Sabres Trade Options Closing Fasth

If you ask anyone in the Buffalo Sabres organization what is going on right now with the rebuild, I have no doubt you will get a steely eyed look from everyone at First Niagara Center followed by the statement, “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

Much like Toto revealed the true Oz in the now infamous movie The Wizard of Oz as no true wizard but a common man who has an entire population fooled – has the departure of Pat Lafontaine exposed Terry Pegula as a common man among owners when he was once thought to be the organizations savior because he used the words in his introduction that everyone wanted to hear – “Stanley Cup”.

Today the Buffalo Sabres lost an opportunity to move new goalie addition Jaroslav Halak to turn one asset (Ryan Miller) into multiple assets (picks and prospects).

Sure, we gave up Ryan Miller and Steve Ott in the trade and turned that into Halak, Chris Stewart, two draft picks and a prospect.  We traded one goalie on an expiring contract for another.  If we could then turn that into more picks and prospects, well then your at a point where the league should move the first two round of the next draft to Buffalo because not many other teams will even want to be there on day one.

On Monday the Edmonton Oilers signed Ben Scrivens to a contract extension.  Today they shipped off Ilya Bryzgalov to the Minnesota Wild, a potential destination for Halak.

Why could the Oilers afford to give up Bryzgalov?  Because they just traded with the Anaheim Ducks to bring Viktor Fasth into an Oilers sweater.

With just about 24 hours until the trade deadline, the Buffalo Sabres have several key players on the block, with many others garnering interest.  Most notable on that list are free agents Halak and Matt Moulson – both on expiring contracts and both are pieces that teams looking to make a run for the playoffs this year would be interested in.

With the goalie market drying up, could the Buffalo Sabres be stuck with Halak through the end of this season – only to see him walk on July 1?

With no movement behind the Iron Curtain at First Niagara Center so far, it might mean that the Buffalo Sabres are holding their pieces to tight to the vest and asking for too much, a sign that ownership might be involved in the day to day operations of this team more than the hockey department might like them to be – and possibly the reason why Pat Lafontaine left town in a haste.

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  • Vic Soga

    The only place left right now is Washington for Neuvirth and a pick. Columbus? Philly?

  • Jes

    I think Halak stays. Maybe try and sell him to Pittsburgh? Since Fleury usually lays an egg during playoffs.

  • Denis MacDougall

    With Luongo on his way to Florida perhaps Vancouver is looking for a goalie. Looking like Halak will be a rental to the end of the season.

  • Dano

    Halak could have been sold/traded. What *supposedly* killed the deal was eating some of Halaks salary, something Buffalo could have done as they have a LOT of open cap room now that Miller and Ott are both gone.

    Rumors are the Kings are looking at Vanek and Moulson. I think Buffalo wants too much for Moulson and should look to resign him long term is hes not dealt by midnight tonight. The same for Halak, toss him an offer and see if he bites.

    I dont know if the ‘ selling prices ‘ were what drove Patty off the boat or is Murray has his own way of doing things.. whatever it is, if Buffalo gets stuck with Moulson and Halak, its a sign that maybe Murray is a good judge of talent, but hasnt a clue how to really liquidate assets.

    • Ben Chalker

      buffalo can’t eat any more salary. they’re only allowed to retain salary from 2 contracts. Miller and Vanek are still on the books.

  • davidmuscalo

    I expect Murray to give away Moulson and Ehrhoff for virtually nothing before the gong strikes 12 AM.