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Ryan Miller - February 2014 First Star

Ryan Miller only appeared in three games for the Buffalo Sabres in February compiling a 1-2 record and allowing 12 goals.  Sure it doesn’t sound like the stats that should warrant a first star honor, but those games could have been much worse, and like all months before – Ryan Miller was the sole reason for any success the Buffalo Sabres have had this season.

The Olympic break saw Ryan Miller suit up for Team USA and represent the city of Buffalo in just one game, a victory

This will be the last time Ryan Miller can receive any sort of honor in a Buffalo Sabres uniform, traded to the St. Louis Blues last Friday along with teammate and captain Steve Ott.  Miller and Ott will make their home debuts in front of the Scottrade Center fans tonight.

Miller is so far 1-0 with his new team, and open to signing a contract extension with St. Louis, a viable playoff contender for several years.

Ryan Miller was drafted 138th overall in the fifth round of the 1999 entry draft.  The East Lansing, Michigan native was a diamond in the rough for the Sabres, as he rose through the ranks of the organization to claim the number one goalie spot and hold it for several years.

A unfitting and tumulus end to his career in Buffalo was a shameful way to leave the Nickel City, but very indicative of the times Sabres fans are living in.

Should things have ended differently for Ryan Miller in Buffalo – they most certainly should have.  Unfortunately though the way things ended for him will probably forever tarnish his image of this organization.

Congratulations Ryan Miller and best of luck in St. Louis.

The torch passed from Dominik Hasek to Ryan Miller.  Who is the next great Buffalo Sabres goaltender?

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  • Denis MacDougall

    Ryan will no doubt be happy to be out of what has become a circus and that is doing a disservice to circuses. I for one hope that he can finally win a Stanley Cup in a city where there are no Miller haters.

  • Rob Dotzler

    “Unfortunately though the way things ended for him will probably forever tarnish his image of this organization.” The only tarnish I see here is attributable to the Sabres, not Miller. He must have been going nuts over this stuff for the last few years, with unfulfilled promises being bandied about by the owner and the team. Yet, I didn’t see him say or do anything inappropriate, even when he stated he didn’t want to be part of a rebuild. There was no disrespect to be heard. Much like when Hasek left, I hope he finds his name on the Cup. He landed on a contender, good for him. Poor Vanek, he landed on Sabres East.