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Buffalo Sabres Send Matt Moulson To The Wild

It appears the Minnesota Wild have a love fest with Buffalo Sabres players, a little odd since the Sabres couldn’t win with them but maybe the Wild can. Plus if they’re willing to deal who’s to stop them? When it seemed like it wasn’t possible, the Buffalo Sabres managed to find a deal for their last standing UFA.

The Sabres have sent Matt Moulson and Cody McCormick to the Minnesota Wild in exchange for undisclosed picks and centre Torrey Mitchell.

Moulson has 17 goals and 21 assists so far this season with time split between the Buffalo Sabres and the New York

Islanders and provides the Wild with pure goal scoring and yet another new Buffalo Sabre.

Torrey Mitchell had asked for a trade out of Minnesota as he looks for a change of scenery after being given a rough ride with the Wild. Mitchell was drafted 126th overall by the San Jose Sharks in 2004 but has been plagued by injury since coming into the league. He has 81 points in 325 career games.

The Buffalo Sabres acquired Moulson from the New York Islanders in exchange for Thomas Vanek earlier this season in the last deal Darcy Regier made before the axe fell. While there had been talk about the Sabres re-signing Moulson instead of trading him, but Tim Murray and the Sabres leaned towards trading the pure scoring winger.

Depending on who the picks become the Buffalo Sabres have flipped Thomas Vanek for a bunch of draft picks to help the future of the team which is pretty good considering what the Islanders got for Vanek today. Mitchell will be a character guy for the Sabres going forward through the rebuild.

There was potential to re-sign Moulson, but Murray wanted to flip him for future assets.


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  • Richard Spalding

    Man, these better be good picks . . .

    • Dano

      A mid to late first rounder as MIN is going to the playoffs.. for a proven scoring forward AND a good scrapper?

      Im loading those tractor tires right after Im done posting this!

      • Caitlin Campbell

        haha it’s going to be a crazy ride… at least we got another goaltender with possibily of being starter.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      Not confirmed but it may only be 1 pick

    • [email protected]

      Looks like our hope to resign Moulson is out the window. So disappointed. Looks like we are going all in on the draft….yipee….

  • Dano

    Why McC as well? Lost a good/serviceable heavyweight there.

    • Vic Soga

      Dano, your picks are probably right but it is maybe based on if Moulson signs with them in the off season. Hopefully it is a first as Vanek will sign with them in the summer. Taxes are too high in Quebec.

      • Alex Janus

        Its 2 second rounders, making the trade alright in my books…A lot better than Darcy letting him walk…

        • Jes

          Regier would’ve got a 1st.
          Look at what he got for the 4th liner Goose.

          • Alex Janus

            True, but I doubt Darcy would have made more than 1 trade though..And Murray did get a haul for Miller and Ott, possibly 2 firsts and Carrier, who should have been a first round pick, had he not been injured before the draft forget Halak and Stewart..I think Murray’s mind is focused on more than one deal, where Darcy’s was focused on getting a haul in one deal..Which is why Darcy was a little trigger shy, he wanted to be the clear winner..We may not kill the Moulson trade, but overall Sabres did great

      • Dano

        Even Canada doesnt want Quebec! ;)

        Murray was fleeced bigtime. It could be ‘ rookie ‘ errors on his part, but I would LOVE to play poker with him. I’d clean his wallet out.

        Kessler went nowhere. Murray couldnt have called the Pens office and offered Moulson for a first and a prospect of somekind? Seriously? The Pens took Stepniak!

    • wolfdoctor

      I’ve noticed that the league hasn’t finalized the trade yet. Didn’t the Sabres receive Minnesota’s 2014 2nd round pick in the Pominville deal? Is there a problem here?

    • michaelgriesserjr

      Fail? Are you serious?! He made some great moves for guys who would have walked for nothing at the end of the season. You are clueless

      • Dano

        Ott was going to walk?

        Ive looked at and read some of your past comments. I wont litter the forum here with you.

  • Dano

    People wondered why Patty bolted! This is so laughable!

    • Ben Chalker

      No, what the Canadiens did to the Islanders was laughable. This is just disappointing.

      • Dano

        Garth Snow should be fired by tomorrow morning. If not, theres no excuses left for the ( soon to be ) Brooklyn Islanders.

        • Ben Chalker

          He has no power to do anything, the dude can’t do his job effectively because his hands are tied.

          • Jes

            I heard Isles fans officially started a petition today for a new owner and management.

          • Dano

            Wait a min.. The guy is a General Manager. Same as Murray and his Uncle. Same as many others out there ( 28 of them ). he doesnt have the rights nor means to trade a player or to waive a player?

            If his hands are tied he should resign. Let the public know ‘ hey, I want to do something but the owner wont have it ‘ or ‘ the coach wont have it ‘ . Let it be known where the real problems are OR it will appear ( as it does right now ) that SNOW is the problem.

          • Ben Chalker

            It’s not that unusual for ownership to meddle in transactions. Vancouver apparently couldn’t trade Kesler at the deadline because owners got involved. Clagary ownership were reportedly gumming up the works over Iginla.
            The Isles have been on a super budget forever, they don’t like paying guys to play for them, lot’s of ELC’s and bargain basement contracts, which is a mandate handed down from ownership.
            As for why Garth Snow doesn’t resign, well I don’t know, The guy must like his job, He’s a general manager in the National Hockey League, even if it’s not under perfect circumstances. I can’t really blame him.

      • Jes

        I honestly thought we could’ve got at least Vey in a deal.

        So basically Mitchell, three 2nds and a 1st for Vanek?

    • Jes

      Laffy bolted because he’s a child that’s all.

      • Dano

        A child with his number hanging in the rafters at FnC. A child that was drafter 3rd overall in the 1983 draft? A child that I remember watching put the puck in the net for the final time at the Old Memorial Auditorium? He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2002 ( 2003?? ).

        If thats ‘ being a child ‘, hell, sign me up, TWICE! 850 NHL games and over 1000 points.. I would LOVE to have had skills like that!

        *I* believe theres a LOT behind why Patty left, most of which none of us ‘ outsiders ‘ will ever know nor ever hear about. Thus, I reserve judgement on whom all had the blow-out and what all happened. I question ALL of those involved and wont point a finger until more is known.

        • Jes

          Dano I’m not calling him a child for his playing days and his # being up in the rafters. He’s a child for basically leaving because he didn’t get his way not once but he’s done this twice now. Shows a lot to his character. That’s what makes him a child. All the other stuff you mentioned is irrelevant in this conversation. Sure he’s one of the greatest Sabres to play the game BUT the way he bolted after just 3 months on the job is beyond stupid IMO. Hell he left the Isles in his first 3 weeks. Can’t judge him for the first time I guess but he once again pulled the same crap with a different team which just speaks volumes to his character.

          But you have your opinion on the matter and I have mine.

          • Dano

            “All the other stuff you mentioned is irrelevant in this conversation. ”

            Your speaking of the man as a whole. EVERYTHING is relevant in such a conversation.

            Did Patty act childish? Thats something I might agree with you on. But to just defame the guy after all hes accomplished and given to Buffalo?

            This is where you and I will always disagree and why we have had some conversations in the past that werent so friendly. Before I get into judging something or someone, Im going to look at everything about them and put it into context.

            Someone can act ‘ childish ‘ but not be a child. Are you inferring that Patty was acting childish? He might have been, sure seemed it. I dont have all the details but I believe he should have thought a lot longer about whom he hired and had a more firm position on the situation. Thats all on him and nobody else.

          • Jes

            Yes Dano I agree and I am not trying to defame the guy.

  • Joe

    Sry murray all my hope for u is gone

    • michaelgriesserjr

      You obviously have no idea

  • Justin Tosczak

    Can’t tell which is worse, This, or the Mcnabb trade…Only saving grace today was the Conacher pick up.. Other than that, #VilleforCaptain #GoBlues

    (Ville for Captain is so he gets traded BTW)

  • Kevin

    Did we just pick up another Konopka? Oh! great. Mitchell had 3rd line #’s when he was with the Sharks, but has done nothing since he was traded to Minny. I remember I used to watch him play all the time when he was younger because I watched the Sharks alot after the Sabres games were over. He is an average player at best. Not a fighter, not a scorer, not a setup guy, just a worker bee. Ted Nolan should like him, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up for anything special.

    • Ben Chalker

      oh, but out hopes are high.
      1st overall on June 27th high…