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Buffalo Sabres Daily Poll: Which Trade Was The Best

The Buffalo Sabres under Tim Murray had the courage and the gall to do what Darcy Regier couldn’t or wouldn’t do at any point in his career.  Yesterday the Buffalo Sabres were blown to bits and the roster struck down to almost the bear minimum.

I say almost because the likes of Drew Stafford, Tyler Ennis, Christian Ehrhoff are still around and will likely not be a part of this team beyond next season as the full rebuild continues.  I see them being moved next year, or even at the draft to help the Sabres cause even more.

Tim Murray sent out to give himself an easy summer, at this point he doesn’t have to really worry about July 1st other than for shopping purposes, because the Buffalo Sabres have no unrestricted free agents on the roster, and the number of picks has swelled even more.  It will be interesting to see what the plan is going forward and how the attraction of big names will start.  The rebuild process won’t be done through one trade deadline day.  Tim Murray has 17 years of bad management to fix – this year’s deadline is only just the start.

So I turn it over to you and ask – what was the best move the Buffalo Sabres made yesterday?

What was the best move the Buffalo Sabres made yesterday?

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  • Mike Flynn

    I honestly think the best move tm made was claiming conacher a young offensive player who has already had some devolent time in the ahl and has logged minutes in the nhl too like to see him play with hodgson

  • qwicwted

    I also thought picking up Conacher was a good move – didn’t cost us anything and while he is small, he has speed, an attitude and can score. I like the fact that he played for Canisius – so it has a ‘local boy’ ring to it. I think he is going to be a very pleasant surprise for us. The more I hear about the two prospects from LA, the more I am liking this deal.
    In all honesty, I wasn’t completely sold on Murray, but the more I am learning about the deals and those involved, the more I am liking the direction Murray is taking the team. I’m not going to knock Darcy because he has made some good trades and got us some good pieces which Murray has been able to convert into something more. I like the addition of Stewart and I think Nolan is the type of coach he will flourish under. We’ve see the transformation of Stafford and Meyers regaining some of what we saw when we signed them to those high price/long term contracts. If Stewart, Mitchell and Conacher can do the same – we’ll be in good shape.

    • Jes

      I have a feeling Nolan’s gonna reject the contract and leave in the offseason.

  • William Hunter

    I love the 2 guys they picked up from LA. We get to see Deslauriers tonight, and the kid in Minnesota is tearing up the NCAA as a freshman. With the organizational depth at D, I have to give that trade a A+. Conacher is definitely a good pickup, and cost nothing. The move of Moulson was good as well, and the return was good…I love all these moves.