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Buffalo Sabres Daily Poll: What To Do In Net Tonight

Jhonas Enroth faced 44 shots last night in a three to one victory for the Buffalo Sabres. That’s the standard work load for a goaltender in a Buffalo Sabres uniform. The question is now, with nothing left to lose – does Ted Nolan rely on Jhonas Enroth for the remainder of the season? Or, does he cycle the newest addition to the crease Michael Neuvirth into the net tonight because of the back to back situation in Florida?

Neuvirth is under contract through the end of next season, so we are likely seeing the goalie tandem for the Buffalo Sabres in the near future.  Ted Nolan knows what he has in Jhonas Enroth as a backup – so it is high time to let him prove what he can be in the numero uno spot.

The opposite is true in Neuvirth.  While the Buffalo Sabres have played him in the past, he has never really truly had the chance to challenge for a number one spot.  In my opinion, there is nothing that Jhonas Enroth has done in his time with Buffalo to prove he is capable of being the starter night in and night out.  I think the open competition starts now for next years starting goaltender job.

The flip side could also happen, the Sabre could revert to going back to a 1A and 1B type goaltender situation because of the spot they are in.  With 82 games on the schedule and the team in full rebuild mode, why not plan to have both guys play about the same number of games to see who fairs better? If one guy  gets hot – ride him out as he would emerge as your number one.

Last night seemed like the Buffalo Sabres finally wanted to play in front of Jhonas Enroth.  How will the young team react to playing in front of someone new?

Back to Back Games - Do you play Enroth and See what he can do or go with Neuvirth?

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