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Dear NHL: Please Let The Sabres Tank!

Buffalo Sabres fans – you’re welcome.

Well, sort of.  Could I be any more vague?  Let me explain.

See, coming out of the Olympic break, I wrote a piece on what to expect from the Sabres as the regular season winded down.  Knowing that the Sabres were already the worst team in the NHL, and fully aware that the team was about to get worse due to whatever trades GM Tim Murray decided to complete as the trade deadline approached, I wrote that Sabres fans should be prepared to watch the Sabres lose game after game after game, with the silver lining being that the team would be assured of picking first in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft.

Since then, the Sabres are 4-1, and while they are still the worst team in the NHL, there are only 6 points separating them from the worst team in the Western Conference, the Edmonton Oilers.


So, for those of you wanting to see wins – you’re welcome!  My words had the opposite effect.  However, if you are holding out hope that Buffalo stays at the bottom of the cellar stairs, you need to start making some phone calls asking opposing teams to take the Sabres seriously and to start playing their starting goaltenders against the blue and gold.   Two of Buffalo’s four wins since the Olympic break have been against back-up goaltenders (Boston’s Chad Johnson and Tampa Bay’s Anders Lindback), and while it’s tough to argue that Carolina’s Cam Ward is a back-up goaltender, he has only played in 21 games this season due to injuries and actually watched fellow Hurricanes goaltender Anton Khudobin be named the NHL’s first star for the month of January.

Memo to NHL coaches everywhere: the playoffs are fast approaching!  Please start your GOOD goaltenders against the Sabres!  Thank you!

You can’t just blame the goalies that the Sabres face, however.  The Boston Bruins are always up for a rivalry game against Buffalo, but too many other players on other teams look at the Sabres’ roster and probably stay up the night before the game playing Call of Duty Ghosts until the sun comes up.   (I know I would – hell, I do that on some weekends any way!)  I mean seriously – the San Jose Sharks losing to the Sabres, AGAIN?  The high-flying Lightning only scoring one goal last night?  That kind of mindset won’t keep your wits sharp for the playoffs, boys, and without sharp skates and sharp wits, your time in the playoffs will be short-lived.

So come on, NHL – you know you hate the Buffalo Sabres!  Why not do your best?  Pound the Sabres into submission, then use their goalies as target practice in order to pad your stats!  Enough taking it easy on us – that first pick in the draft isn’t going to just fall out of a tree, you know!

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  • wolfdoctor

    Tonight’s game is a must-lose game, since the Sabres are moving up in the standings, not only on Edmonton, but on Florida as well.

    • Richard Spalding

      Seriously! I’m actually getting a little pissed over here, wolfie!

      • wolfdoctor

        Me too. What we don’t want is another late season charge.

  • Caitlin Campbell

    Erhh, ummm, about this win streak/hot play…. yeah, that might be my fault. On a high after Canada you know won the Gold and while talking hockey I predicted the Sabres would surprise people and go undefeated post Olympic break… People laughed and I ensured them the Sabres would go on a late season run… so ummm this is my fault *Ducks Behind Table*

    • Richard Spalding

      So it was YOU!!!!!! Grrrrrrrr

  • Kevin

    The Sabres are going to play the same way no matter what. If they achieve success from it so be it. If not so bit it as well. But I don’t see them changing their ways now. I don’t think they now how after TN has instilled the team never say die into their psyche.

    • Richard Spalding

      Wrong answer, Kevin! lol

  • Mike Flynn

    Ryan who?? Did anyone see enroth playing this well he was outstanding against Tampa. Seems like this is his shot to prove himself and he’s running with it

    • Richard Spalding

      I threw my hat in the ring for Enroth at the end of last season, saying he at least deserved the chance to prove he was ready. He is certainly taking advantage of this opportunity, to which we should all tip our hats to him!

      • Mike Flynn

        For sure even when he was going winless early in the season still thought he was playing well. Proves u don’t have to be 6″4 to play goal

  • Joe

    I feel the nhl tells teams to let us win bc they dont want us gettin the first pick EVER!!! Seriousl theres a conspiracy that buffalo teams r never allowed to finish last