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Rostislav Klesla Retires After Trade To The Buffalo Sabres

For most Buffalo Sabres fans the name Rostislav Klesla doesn’t mean much as of yet and because of his decision to retire it may never. After being traded to the Buffalo Sabres at the deadline, the 31 year-old defenceman has decided to hang up his skates instead of joining the Rochester Americans.

Here is the official announcement from Klesla who the Sabres acquired after sending Jaroslav Halak to the Washington Capitals.

It’s been a big week for the defenceman who went from the Phoenix Coyotes to the Washington Capitals and then the

Buffalo Sabres by the deadline. He was supposed to report to the Rochester Americans, but decided it would be best to retire instead of joining the Sabres organization.

Rostislav Klesla was drafted fourth overall by the Columbus Blue Jackets in the 2000 NHL entry draft and played 13 years in the NHL between the Blue Jackets and Coyotes. In his 13 years he played 659 games racking up 159 points.

Klesla says he will take some time off from hockey and then pursue his career in Europe, after being traded from several teams in the last couple of weeks.

Although it seems highly unfair, the Washington Capitals are not obligated in any way to compensate the Buffalo Sabres despite him not reporting to the organization. The Sabres have now lost value from the deal with the Capitals which saw them land Michal Neuvirth.

Due to a concussion and several trades it has been a rough season for the defenceman and he is looking to take some time off to figure out his best options before playing again in Europe. Interesting to note, Ted Nolan‘s son, Jordan Nolan, hit Klesla in the preseason which resulted in the defenceman being taken off the ice on a stretcher.

Klesla is now the third member of the Buffalo Sabres to refuse to report to a minor league assignment alongside Linus Omark and Mikhail Grigorenko. On the heels of Pat LaFontaine leaving the organization there is certainly not a bright light shinning on the Sabres organization as of late and players saying no to management moves doesn’t help at all. It sure has been an interesting year in hockey heaven eh?

Rumours are that Rostislav Klesla was unpleased with his assignment to the AHL. And while the Capitals won’t have to compensate the Buffalo Sabres, the NHL may step in and compensate the Sabres.

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  • Jes

    LOL Hilarious… At least he could’ve played the rest of the season.

    • [email protected]

      I think he might be holding a grudge against Nolan’s son…just my opinion.

  • Joe

    Literally laughed histerically when i saw this lol

  • qwicwted

    No big loss.

  • Mike Flynn

    Seems real stupid on his part ya buffaloes not the best place to play right now, but the guy was a ufa this summer he only had to play maybe 25 games with us then goes to free agency oh well no big loss

  • Joe

    With all due respect to the Sabres I’d rather retire than play or you.

  • davidmuscalo

    Smart move by the Capital GM! He saw Murray give Miller away for nothing so he decided to dump another loser on Buffalo.

  • qwicwted

    Actually, if you are a player who has been in the “doghouse” or not logging minutes on your team, Buffalo is a great place to be. Miller wasn’t going to resign and getting Stewart for him is something I thought would have happened back in Thanksgiving. Yes, we didn’t get Rattie, but we did get Halak, Carrier and a 2015 (conditional) 1st round pick. While Ott wanted to stay, he can still come back at the end of the season – remember he’s a UFA. Trading Halak and a 3rd Round for Nieuverth and Klesla – the meat of the trade is Nieuverth who is 25, has a lot of potential to be an elite goaltender and has a couple of years left on his contract. So the end result of the Miller/Ott trade is Stewart, Carrier, Nieuverth and a Conditional 2015 1st Round pick. In addition, while the Caps don’t have to compensate the Sabres for Klesla, the league may do something to compensate us. Either way – Klesla was not a big piece of the puzzle.

    The McNabb/Parker and 2 2nd Rounders to LA for to top Prospects is looking and smelling like a rose. McNabb wasn’t fitting into Buffalo’s plans. No rap on him, but the more I learn about Fasching and Deslauriers – the more I love this trade. Deslauriers played well in Florida and I think he could pay dividends right away.
    The Moulson/McCormick trade for Mitchell and 2 – 2nd round picks was/is a pretty decent trade. While we did not get Coyle or Granlund, Mitchell isn’t too shabby. The beauty of this trade though is the rumor that Moulson still would like to resign with Buffalo once the season is over. SO, event with all that Rolston did – Moulson and his family enjoyed their stay with Bflo.
    While you may not want to play in Buffalo right now – I think the future is looking pretty good. If Murray can make a couple more trades and sign a couple of UFA – I don’t think we’re too far away from fielding a playoff team. Nolan needs to sign his contract and think about himself and the team. It seems he is a players coach and they respond to him. But, there are other coaching candidates out there who I’m sure would love to be part of a rebuild. So, like the saying goes – if you snooze, you lose.

    • David

      Just to clarify, the 1st round pick in 2015 is not conditional… that pick is a lock. It’s the 3rd round pick in 2016 that is conditional and can become either a 1st round pick this year (if Blues compete in Western Finals or Miller signs extension prior to 2014 draft) or a 2nd round pick in a later draft (if Miller signs an extension in St. Louis after the 2014 draft.

      • qwicwted

        Thanks, I just took the information off the TSN website. Really doesn’t matter to me if Miller resigns with St. Louis, but being a realist – I don’t believe any California teams are looking for a goalie – so St. Lou looks like a great fit for him.

  • Ludz

    I am fine with this realistically buffalo just took him as salary dump to get a 25 year old goalie. They were gonna keep him in Rochester so they save money on a player that wasn’t gonna play in the NHL. It does raise a red flag with how they are communicating with players if they have been surprised 3 times in one year. Someone has to explain their thinking to a player they send down to avoid this going forward.

    • qwicwted

      The only player worthwhile that balked, but couldn’t go to Rochester anyway, was Grigorenko. IMO I think he was listening to his agent – not a real smart thing to do unless he was planning to go play KHL. But I think Grigorenko thought better after a couple of days to mull it over and is now playing for the Remparts. Olmark was on his last shot at the NHL and Klesla is/was on his way out.
      Again, watching the Sabres tonight against Chicago – it was like David vs. Goliath and the commentators were just falling over themselves for Chicago – but I love the way the Sabres held in there and Conacher, Ennis and Stafford look like a pretty good line.