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Buffalo Sabres Knee Jerk Reactions: Chicago Blackhawks

I honestly didn’t know if I wanted to tune into tonight’s game with the Buffalo Sabres and Chicago Blackhawks.  Chicago had its sights set on the top spot in their division needing the points to stay on pace with the St. Louis Blues.  The Buffalo Sabres are attempting to save face, while at the same time tucking tail and running for last place.

From a watching at home standpoint – tonight’s game was one that I had fully anticipated on switching off before forty minutes had completely elapsed.  Once again the Buffalo Sabres  didn’t disappoint.  If you had tickets for tonight’s game and didn’t go because you thought the Buffalo Sabres were going to get ran roughshod at First Niagara Center – you missed a decent hockey game.

The Buffalo Sabres lost some momentum because of special teams, there power play isn’t good enough to combat the likes of a team like the Chicago Blackhawks; and they play an over aggressive underdog style of play that is bound to get them into penalty trouble.

The type of game you saw tonight is one that will be typical of the Buffalo Sabres for the remainder of this season, and probably next as well.  20 or so very proud guys playing for their careers, knowing that Tim Murray isn’t pulling punches regarding this team and will trade a player if he doesn’t fit into the mold that he is developing in Buffalo.

Even if the Buffalo Sabres weren’t the last place team in the National Hockey League, I still wouldn’t have hated the outcome of tonight’s hockey game.  Jhonas Enroth is proving his worth as a potential number one goalie for the Sabres, and the forward corp of players are likely auditioning for the third and fourth line role playing spots on the future of the Buffalo Sabres.


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