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Report: Ted Nolan Working On Contract Extension

For all those who believe in Ted Nolan‘s hard working and fun to watch brand of hockey which saw Latvia nearly upset Canada and has made the Buffalo Sabres less of a joke in the NHL, I come barring good news. There is a very good chance that interim head coach Ted Nolan will be sticking around in Buffalo as he, or his agent are working on the contract extension.

Today Nolan said he was close on signing the believed three year contract extension that Tim Murray placed in front of him not too long ago. After Pat LaFontaine stepped down from the Sabres there was some worry that Nolan would not stick with the club since LaFontaine had been the one who hired him and there was uncertainty in the Sabres front office. However, it appears Nolan is game to stick around and lead the Sabres through the rebuild.

“I put it

into my representative’s hand, just formality and getting a couple of things ironed out and doing all the legal stuff.” ~ Ted Nolan on contract extension.

Ted Nolan has put hard work back into the Buffalo Sabres and has turned a 4-15-1 team into a respectable 15-22-7. While wins have been hard to come by, the Sabres at the very least have been skating hard and competing every night against every opponent.

Nolan’s biggest success’ as coach this season have been the improved play of Tyler Ennis, Tyler Myers, Marcus Foligno and Jhonas Enroth. All of the aforementioned players have seen growth and improvement since Nolan became the bench boss of the Buffalo Sabres back in November.

While nothing is written in stone as of yet, it appears Ted Nolan and his representatives are working on the final details of the extension. Get used to Ted Nolan as the head coach of the rebuilding Buffalo Sabres.

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  • Jes

    Foligno’s improved? Lol no.

    • Caitlin Campbell

      If you ask Nolan himself, yes his play and physicality has improved. He’s not scoring like he did when he first came but he does look better

      • Jes

        Lol ya ok. Why would I ask Nolan? He’s not going to throw his player under the bus just because someone asked. Every time I hear a comment by Nolan about Foligno it either ends or begins with “He needs to improve…” I heard him once when he said something along the lines of “Future looks bright with players like Foligno and X players.” Other then that nothing.

        He’s not much more physical than he was when he entered the league. He was always physical. He also takes more dumb penalties then he used too. So ya if anything he’s improved his physicality by a hair but not enough to even be mentioned in a conversation about improved players.

        • Rob Dotzler

          The biggest difference I see in Foligno is that his mistakes are less frequent. When they do happen, it’s pretty glaring though. Bad passes at inopportune times or just about any time he’s under pressure, lazy or needless penalties, didn’t he take 2 in a row the other night? He drives me nuts when he takes those end of the game penalties. He does skate harder now and makes nice hits but he’s got start to time them better. Still, I’m glad we’ve got him, I can see an upside to his game and under the right conditions I think he can become a top 6. It’s clear you don’t like him Jes, I just hope he can become a complete player at some point and make a believer out of you and vindicate my perception of his potential. You know, I don’t know if I’m trying to convince you or myself. Each game night, I say a silent prayer with the opening beer: “Don’t make me scream at you tonight Foligno!”. When it ALWAYS happens, and I scream “What the f**k are you doing Foligno?!?!” he then does something good shortly after, (do you think he hears me?) that’s what’s keeping me leaning in his favor.

          • Jes

            I used to like him but he’s been given ample opportunity on the 1st two lines to produce since his first call up. He’ll be a good 3rd liner IMO. Only reason why anyone gives him benefit of the doubt is because his father was a great Sabres player IMO.

  • davidmuscalo

    I agree Ted Nolan is the right coach at this time for the Sabres, but 15-22-7 along with last place in the NHL standings is hardly respectable.