Mar 9, 2014; Buffalo, NY, USA; Buffalo Sabres goalie Jhonas Enroth (1) makes a save against the Chicago Blackhawks during the third period at First Niagara Center. Blackhawks beat the Sabres 2-1. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Sabres – Nashville Predators: Fan Picks!

One team scores the fewest goals in the NHL.

The other teams scores . . . a little bit more often.  But not much.

Raise your hand if you’re excited to watch this slugfest tonight!

The Buffalo Sabres will square off against the Nashville Predators at 7 p.m., in a game that might make Friday night’s 2-0 loss to the Florida Panthers appear exciting by comparison.  I mean, the Sabres have scored 1 goal in their past two games; the Predators (who enjoyed a rare offensive explosion the other night against Ottawa) recently enjoyed a streak in which they scored 3 goals in four games, and have been shutout eight times this season.

Guess whether I’m picking the over or under tonight, everyone!

Questions to consider:

1. Tonight’s over/under is 1.5.  Just kidding – but it’s not too far off.  I’m setting it at 4.5.  Do these two offensive powerhouse combine to score 4 or less, or 5 or more?  5 points.

2. Pick any four players who you think will score.  10 points for a player who notches the first goal, 5 points for any player who scores after the first goal, 2 points if the player scores a second goal, 20 points for a hattie!   It’s gotta happen sometime!  Yes, I’ll keep saying that until it does!

3. Within 5, how many saves will Jhonas Enroth make tonight?  5 points.

4. Who wins, and what will the combined score be?  5 points for the winner, 7 points for closest to combined score.

Let’s make some noise in here!!!

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  • wolfdoctor

    Over; Stafford, Hodgson, Smith, Fisher; 32 saves; Buffalo wins 3-2

    • Richard Spalding

      +5 for over, +10 for Stafford, + 5 for Smith, +7 for score = 27 pts! The rich keep getting richer! lol

  • Dano

    1.) Over
    2.) Craig Smith, Ennis, Hodgson and Deslaur-whatever his name is ;) , the new guy in Buffalo..
    3.) 31
    4.) Im feeling good about this one so.. Im going with Buffalo, combined score of 5.

    • Jes

      Ask your doc for a antibiotic called Amoxicillin. Even if I don’t have an infection, or if it’s just a minor cold I take it and I’m ready to go in two days. Works wonders better then anything like Tylenol cold or NyQuil

    • Richard Spalding

      +5 for over, +5 for Smith, +7 for score = 17 pts.

  • JHizzle75

    1. Under
    2. Stafford, Ennis, Conacher, Foligno
    3. Enroth 35 save shut-out
    4. Sabres win 3-0

    • Richard Spalding

      +10 for Stafford = 10 pts.

  • Richard Spalding

    Under. Conacher, Stafford, CoHo, Spalling. Enroth with 33 saves – but no shutout! Ha ha. Sabres win 2-1

    • Richard Spalding

      +15 for Stafford and Spalling = 15 points

  • Jes

    Nashville Wins 2-1

    1. Under
    2. Nashville – Smith & Weber
    Buffalo – Ennis & Conacher
    3. 32 saves for King Enroth tonight
    4. Nashville wins. Final combined score = 3.

    • Richard Spalding

      +10 for Smith & Weber, + 5 for Nashville = 15 points