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Buffalo Sabres vs Carolina Hurricanes Knee Jerk Reactions

The Buffalo Sabres have failed me again.  To hell with the wasted season and the rebuild, a win tonight would have gotten me beer.  Plain and simple.  Instead I will be sending a six pack of local Buffalo brew (not sure what kind yet) to Raleigh to satisfy a bet with a Cardiac Canes writer.  I am now 1-2 in season series bets with her.  And I don’t like her having a one up on me.

I feel bad for Michal Neuvirth.  He is the new Jhonas Enroth.  How can you let your backup goalie be peppered so much and give him so little offensive support?  I thought after his first outing that he gave this team all the reason to stand up in front of him.  He put in another solid showing tonight earning his place as a potential number one goalie in Buffalo going forward, and the team in front of him let it go.  They had a lead in the third.

How about that Drew Stafford though?  If he can keep this type and style of play up – his contract doesn’t seem to be that horrible now does it?  In fact, I am all for putting him in a senior leadership role and keeping him in Buffalo long term.  You tell the kid (hell he ain’t no kid no more) he is going to be the guy that leads this team out of the funk and act as the captain for this rebuild because he will be the pin that they build around?  For a guy who paid his dues and played his way up in this organization – I think he would sign a contract in a heart beat, even one with a hometown discount if you offered him that on a silver platter.

I have been one of the biggest haters of Drew Stafford.  I wanted the Buffalo Sabres to use a compliance buyout on him – but at this point, he looks like the leader and player we have always wanted him to be – and could be for the future of this organization, now that he isn’t buried behind names like Ryan Miller, Danny Briere, and the other faces of the franchise.

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  • Justin Tosczak

    I agree, and I hated him as much as the next guy…

  • Craig C.

    It’s nice to know we have two good, young goalies. Unfortunately, we have little else at this point. Giving up 55 shots is a disgrace.

  • Joe

    I do agree with ur analysis of stafford minus the C. I believe that neds to go to a guy like myers or girgs but i think girgs is too young for it yet

  • Kevin

    The only problem I had with Nolan and his “Skate the team Hard” thing is that they were playing the best the could, pretty much overachieving with lack of talent they have on this team. How much more can you squeeze out of that lemon before it shrivels up and dies? And we see that plan did not work AT all. I think most the players are tired mentally, there is no reprieve because of lack of talent to help carry the load. I can hear it in my head ” we are doing all we can” says a player, Nolan says “I want more” And it still goes nowhere, not because the players doesn’t care, it’s because he sees no hope. The end of the season can’t get here soon enough for these players.

    • Mike Flynn

      I think the bag skate was result of poor effort at practise had nothing to do with the game. Nolan doesn’t want quitters on this team