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Buffalo Sabres Daily Dasherboard, March 19, 2014

Only thirteen games remaining on the Buffalo Sabres season, and it really can’t come fast enough.  Not that last night’s game was overly horrible.  Despite getting outshot – it wasn’t until the third period that Calgary Flames ripped apart the defense and solved Nathan Lieuwen.  Much like the Sabres goalies before him – he performed more than capable – but the offense couldn’t help the team find its way out of a maze designed fro pre-schoolers.

Is Nathan Lieuwen the best feel good story of what is the worst regular season on record for the Buffalo Sabres? [Olean Time Herald].

Every team has an MVP - they just aren’t good enough to qualify for the Hart.  [Bleacher Report].

There is a lot of talk about what season ticket holders for the Buffalo Sabres should do.  Hold on to an expensive luxury item that pains the eyes and the pocket book, or hold onto the seats through the tough times hoping that one day you will be there when it happens.  For many though – its about the perks, what team offers the best value for its season ticket holders? [Silver Seven].

The draft deadline shuffled the pieces for a lot of teams.  Who had the best ranked prospect pool after the 2014 trade deadline? [Bleacher Report].

Nathan Lieuwen does what Buffalo Sabres goalies have done all year, shine in net, while the offense lays another egg.  [Buffalo News].

The emergence of Drew Stafford.  An inevitable by-product of a guy emerging from the shadows of others?  Or is it a player looking at an expiring contract in the coming year putting on a show for 29 other teams that might come calling at some point next year? [Die By The Blade].

Is the NHL really looking to expand to even out its realignment mess – or is it a media developed madness? [Puck Daddy].

Comparing the top ten players in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft.  [Bleacher Report].

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