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Cody Hodgson: The Dilemma

Between a never ending goaltending cycle, an un-ending injury list and a last place team who might get screwed by the NHL in hopes of tanking for the next franchise player next season, there is never a dull moment for the 30th ranked franchise known as the Buffalo Sabres. Now amidst all the other chaos, Ted Nolan can’t find a place to play Cody Hodgson.

Now before we get into a debate about the Buffalo Sabres acquiring Hodgson, let’s all remember we gave up Zack Kassian

for him. That right there should tell you all you need to know about the Buffalo Sabres winning that deal. However, Cody Hodgson has not been the number one centre that most fans and management originally believed he would be. While he has played on the top line for the better part of the last two season’s, his weak defencive game and lack of offence has him currently demoted to the second line. To make matters worse, Nolan is trying the natural centre on the second line wing with Brian Flynn as his centre.

When Nolan moved Hodgson to the wing, he cited Hodgson’s lack of scoring and while he’s not entirely wrong, he’s not entirely right. Hodgson was lighting the lamp when he returned from injury and it’s hard to be a consistent offencive player when your wingers aren’t cutting it. Now Nolan moves the kid to the wing which will only confuse him more. Hodgson appears to be a fluky type of scorer and move his position isn’t likely to help.

At this stage in his career it’s unlikely Hodgson will ever be the number one centre the Buffalo Sabres were hoping. However, he’ll be a solid 2nd/3rd line centre going forward. While I’m not a huge fan of moving the natural centre to the wing, if he can make the transition and become a solid winger, it will open far more doors for Cody Hodgson both as a Sabres and throughout the rest of his career.

So My question to y’all today is, where should the Buffalo Sabres play Cody Hodgson? Should the leave him at centre and push through his cold streak or should they move him to the wing hoping to find a new dimension to his game?

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  • qwicwted

    Hodgeson has talent and offensive skill – we’ve seen it since he came over from Vancouver. He may not be a #1 Center, but he does score. Since this year is a wash out, let him play wing and get experience. I am a believer of interchangeable parts. Thing is – how many top 6 offensive players do we have? 1 or maybe 2 – Ennis and Stafford are having a good year, but how can you expect Cody to score when he is playing with 3rd and 4th line players – D’Agostini, Foligno, Leino, et al. In actuality, Cody is having a good year on a mediocre club (and I’m being kind) 16 goals and 19 assists – not bad. Aside from that – Cody wants to be in Buffalo.
    So, I guess my response would be, give him the opportunity to play wing for the rest of the season to give him that added dimension.

  • Joe

    I have been able to tell hodgson would never be a number one center as he is scared of contact and lacks defensive ability and doesnt have the best skating ability and have been very crtical of him formhis time here. However imwas enjoying seeing him play between foligno and stewart and thought that was a pretty good looking 2nd line altho id like tomsee girgensons centering that line better i thought for nowmit at least gave hodgson a place to play and do well. And if he was a true natural scorer it wouldnt matter who henplayed with hed find a way to score.

    • SemiahmooWR

      He might be avoiding contact due to that old back injury. Might be damaged goods.

      • Joe

        He has been avoiding contact since we got him. If hes avoiding contact bc of an old injury shame on us for allowing him to continue to play for us

        • SemiahmooWR

          I’m a Canuck fan and have been following him since he was first drafted. I’d add shame on Canuck GM Mike Gillis for having a club doctor misdiagnose his back problem in the first place. Gillis probably wasn’t up front with Regier about his back problems or either Regier just ignored it.